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009 Sound System – Killer With A Thousand Faces lyrics

Ooh I got this feeling is gettin' me high a little longer
And high a little longer is what I want to be

Ooh I got this feeling it's gettin' me by a little longer and by a little longer is how I want to be

So it's cool, you can stick around for a while...
And I'll say

The killer with a thousand faces
Has got me in his cold embrace it's
Starting to break me down...

He's telling me that I got to face it
I know I've got to make some changes
If he's gonna stay around...

Ooh I got this feeling it's gonna keep me for a little longer, keep me for a little longer can't run away

Ohh I got this feeling it's got me waiting for a little longer
I'm waiting for a little longer is all I can say

So I'll stick around for today
And I'll say


I should have known what it's all about
I should told you that without a doubt
I was gonna leave you
I wouldn't take no chances

I should known that the lonely days
Would make me rely on this huge mistake
Never should have let you so close
Took it for granted...

Ooh I got this feeling so I'm trying just a little harder
I'm gonna be a little smarter than yesterday

Ohh I got this feeling but it's the last time I promise
I'm gonna try my hardest to get away...

You know I shouldn't stick around anyway

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Submitted byLikeaBoss


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    Sounds like he's smoking weed - likes smoking weed - considers it a way to pass the time - and uses that time to romanticize about the "man" (be that government or religion) who is putting the "squeeze" on him and stealing away his freedom to get high. Speaks of a lack of commitment or loyalty to others - and an intense promotion of self - and seems very alone. Seems to be wrestling with himself about his perception of "the man" (killer with a thousand faces) and getting "high". Decides in the end not to stay and get high any longer.
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    I think that this song is about as person with anxiety and having to deal with it. But when he's alone, I think it means one of two things, either being alone is his high or he smokes weed to combat anxiety. But when he says "you can stick around for a while" and "I'll stick around for today," and leads into the chorus, the "killer with a thousand faces" is his anxiety personified; Made up of a thousand people.
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