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Yung Prince – Money Stacking lyrics

Chorus*X2* Money
Stacking (X3) That's
all I love to do Money
Stacking (X3) Roll
up another doob Yung

*Prince My*
money be stackin' I
be getting it crackin' Different
city- every night Pent
house suit- that's pimpin' right Chillin'?
with somebody's wife- this chick crazy She
tryin' to spend the night Hold
on- wait- umm I... think I gotta go catch a flight I
-be- blowing cash- i- be- blowing dope too Shout
out to all the females that I ever gave some hope too Back
then they didn't wont me Now
I got dough they tryin' to hit my line I
just chuck them deuces up - baby girl you had cha time I'm
just doing me- shout out to all my haters too Yall
be watching all my videos and YouTube pay me because of you Cool
a -**cool a -**I'm getting rich off of yall fool a Keep**
on talking bout me &
I'm still gunna see more cash (X
Up be my team boy - everybody over here eating good We
know that chu be hating though- we already got that understood X2) Chorus

*X2* Money
Stacking (X3) That's
all I love to do Money
Stacking (X3) Roll
up another doob Chop

*Hoffa I*
get more cash F
gay***hoe a Watch**
me blow past like a moped Hoffa
baby you know the name My
whole team getting more change yeah- I'm
ballin' on you n s****like I'm Derek Rose No
athlete- but I'm f gay***Derek hoes On
my grind all the time- f k**hoes Getting
money like f k**these shows Bad
b s*****coming out of they clothes If
it got seeds- then it really anit dro Money
cash, dough, Like
I pass go Team
Lil Booty how you get that a hoe** We?
ballin' - I text her She
callin' - I check her She
like do you do this often Yeah
b h***stop all that talkin' Fresh
to death - black Hef Like
I'm rapping in a coffin Take
a pic Send
you one of my d k**You
gone have to trick if you wont all this I'm
overseas where you never be You
a b h***like the motherfucking letter B Chop
Hoffa - Majesty Got
all these locals mad at me And
we be cashing out Get
drunk- she passing out I
make her p y***rich Her
p y***maxing out Chorus

*X4* Money
Stacking (X3) That's
all I love to do Money
Stacking (X3) Roll
up another doob

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