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Young L – In Here lyrics

Niggaz is goin dumb on violins nigga

[Verse 1:]
Best swag out that's hands down mama
You should let a real nigga pull ya pants down mama
Ha, Yea
You better ask 'round mama
I'm the coolest from the bay down to Sac town mama
Keep it on tail, do act loud mama
In the bed I'm finna put the bat down mama
Take the first flight down to Lac town mama
Then I spray on your back like a Mac round mama
Actin like you own me girl but I don't even know you
And Game on your brain
While your man is looking for you
'Bout 'bout how you try and play it
If I say it then I mean it
If I say "No Ma'm" then I ain't finna eat it
If I say boss tip put your melon on my penis
So Boss (boss) Boss (boss)
Boss me to Venus
(Bitch) nigga I be heemin'
While your girl steady screamin'
And that Pearl (p-p-pearl, ya)
Got a nigga leanin like

[Chorus: x3]
Yea, it's Young L in here
Yea and I run this here

Yea It's Young L in here
You betta get, get, this shit clear yea

[Verse 2:]
Got a Philippine girl
Bad as fuck (fuck)
You niggaz better sit (quiet)
Bitch niggaz better duck (S. S.)
When I come thru stuntin on them purple 22's
Niggaz mad, suckas mad
That's why they face dirt blue (dirt blue)
Niggaz fo' (fo') cause I gotta bad heart
Squad and me dig out these sucka niggaz mad tho'
They ain't even mad, these niggaz just sad tho'
Posted on the Ave, and they scrabble for dat
Scrabble, I scrap you
Scrape you, I'll faint you (Nigga)
Niggaz they be sleepin goin harder than a pain too
Kobe, Shaq, Ballin so they know me
Flex shit I be ballin, this nigga just stallin
Boppin like Rodman, that mean I be ballin
But when I say she boppin
Dat mean at my dick she holdin (ha, ha)
And she already naughty
Treat the dick (ha) like the shit Golden

[Chorus: x3]
Yea, it's Young L in here
Yea and I run this here

Yea It's Young L in here
You betta get, get, this shit clear yea

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