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Veggie Tales
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Veggie Tales

His High Silk Hat lyrics

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Veggie Tales – His High Silk Hat lyrics

Archibald: One day while he was waiting for the trolley, he had a hat.
Larry: My high silk hat.
Archibald: He wore it high upon his head so proudly, a beautiful hat.
Larry: My high silk hat.
Archibald: A hat like this just makes him feel so grandly, now fancy this,
And fancy that. The splendor of his hat in all it's majesty...
Larry: Like a king in a royal cap. I feel so swell and handsome in my hat,
I bet that others wish they had in fact...
Larry & Archibald: A hat as this, a hat as that, a hat so fine, a high silk
Larry: Oh Mr. Art Bigotti, now what do you think of that?
Archibald: Now his hat was not all he wore so proudly. I must in fact,
Share more than that. For upon his lap there sat a treat so fondly, of
Chocolate this...
Larry: and chocolate that.
Archibald: Deliciousness that makes him feel so dandy, a chocolate bliss...
Larry: a chocolate snack.
Choir: Confections such as these are more than candy, somewhat like life, a
Box of that.
Larry: I have my chocolate placed upon my lap. I feel so good; you just
Cannot top that.
Larry & Choir: I have my snack, a chocolate pack, of chocolate this and
Chocolate that.
Larry: Oh golly Mr. Nezzer, now what do you think of that?
Archibald: Now time was passing and the sun grew hotter, upon his hat...
Choir: and his chocolate snack.
Archibald: So beneath his hat he thought and pondered.
Larry: What should I do, to save my hat?
Archibald: He thought, and contemplated as he perspired, beneath his hat.
Choir: Upon his lap.
Archibald: He feared his chocolate treats would soon retire, into a pool...
Choir: of chocolate that
Larry & Choir: I won't feel grand if I take off my hat. The sun's getting
Hot and my hat just might go flat. My hat, it might go flat, and my snack
Will melt like that...
Larry: Oh hurry Mr. Trolley before my dapperness goes flat!
Archibald: He decided to forego his looks so dashing, to save his hat...
Jean Claude: and chocolate snack.
Archibald: So he placed the treats upon the seat beside him...
Nezzer: and put his hat on top of that.
Larry: Oh please!
Choir: Oh please, oh please!
Larry: Don't anybody sit close to me, upon my hat. I ask, if all of you
Could be so kindly, and just stay back, away from my snack!
A great big squash just sat upon my hat! A great big squash just squished
My hat go flat. He squashed my hat, he made it flat, he squished my
Snack, oh what of that! Oh tell me anybody, now what do you think of that
Choir: A great big squash just sat upon his hat. A great big enormous
Squash squished his hat go flat. He squashed his hat, he made it flat, he
Squished his snack, oh what of that?
Larry: Oh golly, uh... What is your name?
Scallion #1: They've never given me a name. I have been around since show
One and I still don't have a name.
Larry & Choir: Now what do you think of that?

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