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Various Artists – Eve Featuring Alicia Keys - Gangsta Lovin' lyrics

1 - [eve & alicia]
I just want to rock you
All night long, oh
(I wanna rock you)
I just wanna rock you
All night long, oh

Yo, need you to understand me, daddy
I aint your average baby girl
Doin the dog, I'm well established
I aint tryna lead you on
Just wanna ask if ya might wanna give me your name
Explain your status
You know I see you from time to time
You seem available, don't mean shit
I know these bitches wanna settle you
Gotta say you on my short list of few
Them other dudes is ok, but I'm feeling you
Want you in the best way, whatchu gon do about it
Why don't you just ask me, you wont wanna do without it
Know I'm comin at you hard, heatin the thug
And I aint givin up till I get that gangsta love

Repeat 1

I know you see me this night, that night, always my shit tight
Hair done, outfit crazy, skirts fit just right
Wife-beater with a bangin tan
Walked in demanding all eyes, baby here I am
Aint ashamed of my frame and I know you watching
Puttin on a show for you pop, I aint stoppin
Alot of action in your corner, yeah, you doin it too
Only thing to make it better though, is me with you
Cuz I know youre feelin that regardless of your frontin
And I heard through the streets, it was me youre wanting
Let me find out youre shy something, but I know youre not
So stop the games and approach, is you real or not

Repeat 1

Ok, numbers exchanged, now its in place
Shouldnt of took you so long in the first place
I'm just playin cutie, yeah, give me a call
No its cool, you aint gotta see me to my car
I'm a big girl, but youll find out
Stuck for me while I drop-top and ride out
Wheels spinnin, wanna know what shortys all about
But its cool, I'm droolin and these words is comin out my mouth

Its that gangsta lovin
That just got me buggin
Its that gansta lovin
That just got me buggin

Repeat 1

I wanna rock you baby
I wanna hold you baby
Wont you be my baby
I wanna be your lady

I wanna rock you baby
I wanna hold you baby
Wont you be my baby
I wanna be your lady
Yeah yeah

Baby let me rock with you
Know I wanna rock with you
Baby let me rock with you
You know I wanna rock with you

Repeat above until fade

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