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Usher Feat. Lil' Jon & Ludacris – Lovers And Friends lyrics

(Lil Jon, Ludacris)
Yeah man, once again, it's on
(It's on)

You know we had to do it again right
(We had to do it again, boy
I want you to sing to these niggaz man)

Uh, oh, oh, oh, I guess I'll go first
Let me at 'em, check me out
Let's get 'em

Baby, how you doing? Hope that you're find
Want to know what you got in mind and I
Got me feeling like Jodeci girl, I can't leave you alone
Take a shot of this here, petron and its gon' be on

Vip done got way too crowded
I'm about to end up callin' it a night
She should holla at your girl, tell her that she came to see
Pulled off Beep Beep shotgun in the gt with me

She said, "Ooh, I'm ready to ride", yeah
(I was like)
'Cause once you get inside, you can't change you mind
Don't mean to sound impatient but you gotta promise baby

Tell me again
(Tell me again my, baby)
That we'll be lovers and friends
(Oh, I gotta know, baby, oh yeah)

Tell me again
Make sure you're right, oh, before we began
That we'll be lovers and friends
(Ooh, oh, it's a good look, baby)

Really good look, baby, look here

Sometime, wanna be your lover, sometime, wanna be your friend
Sometime, wanna hug hold hands, slow dance, while the record spins
Opened up your heart 'cause you said, I made you feel so comfortable
Used to play back then, now, you all grown up like Rudy Huxtable

I could be your bud, you could beat me up
Play fight in the dark then we both make up
I do, anything just to feel yo butt
Why you, got me so messed up?
I don't know but you gotta stop tripping
Be a good girl now turn around and get these whipping

You know you like it like that
You don't have to fight back here's a pillow bite that
And I'll be setting separate plays
So, on all these separate days, your legs can go they separate ways

Tell me again
(Tell me again my, baby)
That we'll be lovers and friends
(Oh, it's a good look baby)

Tell me again
(Tell me over and over and over we can)
That we'll be lovers and friends
Make sure you're right before you choose

I's been knowing you for a long time
But fuck it never crossed my mind

But tonight I seen something in you
That made me wanna get with you

You ain't been nothing but a friend to me
And a nigga never ever dreamed it be

Up in here kissing, hugging, screaming, touching
Up in the bathtub rubber dubbing

Are you sure you wanna go this route?
Let a nigga know before I pull it out

I would never ever cross the line
Shawty, let me hit you tell me one more time
One more time

Tell me again
(Tell me again my, baby)
That we'll be lovers and friends
(Oh, it's a good look, baby)

Tell me again
(Make sure you're right, oh, before we leave)
That we'll be lovers and friends
(Tell me over and over and over we can)

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