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Usher – Burn lyrics

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  • a
    I don't even kno what 2 sa cuz usher out did himself on this song. Wow,. This guy is jus the best and I appreciate him a lot. This song is just his way of tellin his gurl he's torn. He wnts to jus stop this or let it burn but the love he feels 4 her is still there and strong to. He admits his mistakes and he wants to see past them but he knows that he hurt her and he is willing to let her go on wit her life withut him anyway. But his heart is not at ease at all.
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  • justmylife
    This song means alot of things. One thing about this song is that if you don't ffeel the pasion with your bf or gf sometimes its best to let them go. Sometimes moving on from that person can be the best thing that ever happened to you. But sadely in the end, you hurt someone you one cared about. You if your flame is fading with your lover. Maybe you should talk to them and tell them it isn't going to work out. You should tell them the honest truth. Because their heart is already going to be broken. So don't act like you don't care about the relationship ending. This person was there for you for so long. So, tell them everything.
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  • k
    This song, Burn, tells a story about a man torn between being single and in a relationship with his girlfriend. He expresses how he feels about the present relationship, he is not happy and even though she thinks they should not go their separate ways, he thinks nothing will change. He knows that what he says will hurt her, but in the end, it is the best for the both of them. Although, he feels this way deep down it would hurt him to see her with another man and now he has been thinking if breaking up was a mistake. He misses her presence, but now it is too late for another chance, so now he has to learn how to forget about his past and let it burn. "Woo hoo, Lee"
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  • u
    He is in a relationship but his heart isn't with the girl he is with its with the other woman. The women that makes him happy as of the woman he is with now isn't so he saying though its gunna burn when he breaks up with her he just has to let it burn cause the feeling isn't mutual between them both on how they feel for each other.
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  • AtzipuZ
    I didicate ds song to bev. A girl, a frnd. Our frndship ends when I made a mistake of falling in love to her. D moment I tell what I feel.
    She said that what she feel for me is just opposite to what I feel. It hurts coz I made so many ways just to work it out but its just that she don't love me.
    I decided to let it burn. Until now I'm stil hurting. Specially when I play ds song.
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