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Tom Felton – Time Isn't Healing lyrics

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    One word: Emma.

    Its obviously about Emma. He Loved her, I'm sure about it. Then he must have been scared and pretended he liked her in a "younger sisterly way". But when he realized he was in love with her, it was too late. So he decided not to be a git and to move on with his life. He Found Jade and thought that everything would be okay. But slowly, he realized that time wasn't healing and that he could 't help it. Every time he sees Emma, his scars are re-opened faster than the chamber of the secrets. I think that this song is about how he will never forget her completely. She will always have a special place in his heart. He will always be wondering what would have happen if he had said "yes" to her. If he haven't been such a coward.
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    The meaning of this song to me is "tom is in love to that girl" another meaning "he's sad but he needs to let her go". But why? The girl agree to break up. The question to that girl b4 jade gordon. Why? She agree for break up.?. Another, I feel the feelings, emotions in this song. :( her gf now is so lucky because tom is very nice, kind and gentleman. And I hope he finds the real true love.
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    This guy, he's in love. And the girl, they were probably in contact with each other before, well at least they were friends. And he obviously, cannot have her. Times passes very slowly for him, and he is not able to relax or think about anything else but her. And he's losing social contact, because of this too. And it seems like he never told her how he felt either, because he wonders weather it would have worked out or not. Seems like he never even tried. But that, obviously, does not stop him from liking that person. He needs to go and find a girl, but somehow he cannot get over this person. And they say that time heals everything. That is not happening for him, either.
    Written by a 14 year old girl, so it's bound to be shitty. : p but that's what I think. Sort of. : p
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    All right, well, let me first begin by saying that Tom Felton has the most beautiful voice ever! He is very, very talented. Now let me move on to express my anger with stellapixyrox3. This is not a pathetic song. If you were smarter and actually listened to the song, you'd probably know that it's not just about a ticking clock. Umm. I don't know, but you sorta seem like the patheic one because you sit around criticizing people's singing abilities. Let me just say one more thing, you probably suck at singing and you would never be able to write a song this good! *Think about that!* Have a nice day.
    Ps I highly doubt that you have the voice of an angel.
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    The meaning to the song to me and meaning of the lyrics means that Tom is in love with a girl that he can't have or she doesn't want anything to do with him. Therefor he is stuck on her so he dreams about maybe someday being with her. But then realizes that hes never going to get her or be with her. So he decides hes going to try to find another girl that does love and care for him.
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