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Time – Sour Life lyrics

[AwareNess, Calm.:]
Teach me something new baby
I got something new to say maybe
Bouncing through my day looking for something new
Looking for some truth, looking for some proof
That there's actually someone not fake out there
That females care, and are more than an alcoholic stare
Play fair, I love you, stay there
Why share, life's a prayer
Truth is rare and that's why hearts tear
Our love was a cub now it's a big bear
Sleeve heart wear, welcome to my lair
It's full of whipped cream and double dogged dares
What's the difference between a throne and a chair?
I guess it's the person behind the hair
Life's a fruit cake I'm looking for my pear
I'm looking for my face in my mirror

This is the sour life, vampire blues
I can't see myself but I can see you
Yes it's true I'm that weed that grew

You mighta seen me as bat banging on your door
You mighta seen me as a wolf going to war
You mighta seen me as an invisible mist
Or you mighta just seen me as plain ol' Chris
What's this, it's a fist that's pissed
Staring down at a lifeless abyss
Yeah I tried to leave twice but missed
Death to my left giving my wrist a twist
Let that wish list get dismissed
Cause if I got a goal I'm a attack it vicious
I'll grab my pole, leave that lake fishless
I kill snakes before they go hiss hiss
I kill shadows like up light switches

Out my mouth words spell like witches
Mutiny (backwards)
Victims end up in ditches
You can find me by that fire where the bridge is
Fangs in the neck as the body twitches
Do you get my jist ms?
I get hits no matter what the pitch is
Undead, my coffin is my where niche is

This is the sour life, vampire blues
I can't see myself but I can see you
Yes it's true I'm that weed that grew

I want you to take me baby
To that place where the Holy Ghost can save me
Cause lately, people I know seem to hate me
Greatly, they shake hands fakely
Saying their name ain't Buffy but trying to stake me
Lady, please forgive me it's all gravy
I try to block out the past but remember it vaguely
She gave me kisses infested with rabies
I'm lazy mama why'd you raise me
I'm worthless, voices (whispers) I'm crazy
Arms in the air, let the pigs taze me
It's amazing I smile at the sheep's and their fast food grazings
On my grave I'm dancing dirty like Swayze
Uprooting the red ferns and daisies
I'm just a normal guy don't praise me
Life's fucked up pardon the phrasing
This world's a middle school, each day's a hazing
I'm waiting for the silver seed invasion
I'm looking at my reflection, it's fading

This is the sour life, vampire blues
I can't see myself but I can see you
Yes it's true I'm that weed that grew

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