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Time – Portobello Cloud lyrics

[Damon Jevon:]
Whatchu gonna do when things go down
Whatchu gonna do when no ones around

Everyone's signed I'm running out of time
Thought I was a king, guess I was blind
My mirror wasn't clear so I wiped off the fear
Everyone's rich, I'm still here
They shake my hand but they don't give a damn
To my face they're a friend to my back they're not
Let me turn around you can see my knife collection
I don't have any weapons cause my enemies the second
So please don't smother me in confidence
I got commonsense plus there's enough nonsense on this continent
When you see that portobello cloud maybe you won't argue
Stop taking life for granted cause those bombs will char you
But go ahead complain, be negative and bitch
And try blaming yourself, instead of your government
Cause it won't matter who's the president or who's your father
It'll just matter who has the most guns and water
(That's right)

[Damon Jevon:]
Whatchu gonna do when things go down

Whatchu gonna do when no ones around

Radio, airport, traffic jams, chaos
Cyborgs, reptiles, puppets and payoffs
No strings just a trail of money
No truth, just the media, couchs and dummies
Ears full of fear and bladders full of beer
Road rage, one night stands and parties
Nine to five o'clock shadows detentions and tardies
Stomachs full of fast food and piss smelled bathrooms
Reality tv dinners, primetime television
Preacher on a Sunday saying he's got the best religion
Energy drink, espresso, coffee and a latte
Overtime, no vacation, no breaks or off days
But when we see that shitaki cloud and that bright white light
We'll see we're all the same and we don't need to fight
Cause we'll all stop killing when the bombs drop
But until then I'm gonna keep hating my alarm clock
(Peace, sing)

[Damon Jevon:]
Whatchu gonna do when things go down
Whatchu gonna do when no ones around

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