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Tibob De Nazareth
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Tibob De Nazareth

Egzile lyrics

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Tibob De Nazareth – Egzile lyrics

Lyrics: Tibob
Music: Tibob

Nou jiferan depi lontan nou depaman
Hmm men jiskaprezan
Nou depтte nou vwayaje nou egzile

Hmm gade nou
Sou tout latи n gaye n san direksyon
Peyi nou
Ape trimen nan w vag dezolasyon
Pagen pтsyon ki pou ba l gerizon

Nou ta vle
Tounen yon jou pou n sиvi peyi nou
Nou reve
Men lespwa nou ap retresi chak jou
Kalkilasyon vanse fin fи nou fou

Se vre n travay san chitatann
Se sa moun lakay pa konprann
Kote n pase n se etranje
Nou fatige ak prejije

Nou konnen
Nou se yon pиp ki pa p dekouraje
Nou sиten
Nan bay lanmen yon jou n a va rive
Se sиl maji ki ka fи n delivre

An n ale
Jenиs nou se lafтs nou se lespwa
An n lite
An nou montre moun yo nou toujou la
Nou se yon pиp ki konnen fи listwa

Si jodi la nou ajenou
Se pa vwazen se fтt pa nou
Nou vann nanm nou pou plat manje
Foli pouvwa fи n divize

Ayiti, sispann krazebrize
Pou nou ka vanse
Ayiti, an nou serekole
Konsa n a rive

Ban m lи pou m pale menm si lтt fache
Dat nou egzile nou pe pa chenbe
Lagи se sa n plante ak imoralite
Chи nou plen mechanste
Ki sa n te vle rekтlte (la)


Peyi n fin kraze tиlman n divize
Gouvиnman pase anyen pa regle
Vire tounen n tonbe nan goumen
N ap viv nan chen-manje-chen
Politisyen fи nou fи tenten

Se tout kote n ale nou yo divize
Se tout kote n pile nou yo imilye
W a di n pagen peyi
W a di nou san patri
Responsab nou yo
Genlи n pa wи nou nan dlo


Di mwen ki kote n prale
Si n pa gen linyon
Si n pa ke fи wout ansanm
Pou n delivre
Chиche koneksyon
Pou nou ka fи wout ansanm
Menm si nou pa dakт
Nou ka kreye w akт
Pou nou pa pиdi tan
Pou nou pouse douvan
2004 rive, tиt nou debraye
Nou pa ka mache konsa
Fт n chita pou nou pale
Fт n chita pou n eksplike
Nou pa nan pиdi tan
Fтk nou pouse douvan
Se peyi pa w se peyi pa m...

Produced by: Tibob
Keyboards: Tibob & T-Jean
Bass: Ti Doudou
Guitars: Youyou & Sergo
All Backgrounds: Tibob
Drums: Ti Doudou

**** **** **** ****
In exile

Like wanderers
Were everywhere
Disbanded, dismantled
Hmm! Hmm! Nothing has changed
Crossing oceans
Traveling continents
Were in exile
Hmm! Hmm!

Look at us
Without destination were scattered
On the face of the earth
Our country
Is sinking in the ocean of desolation
No potion can relieve it's pain

Its our desire
To go back some day
To rebuild our country
We dream on
But our hope keeps on shrinking
This pain is killing us softly

We do work unceasingly
But our folks back home dont get it
Where ever we go we are strangers
Were tired of being discriminated against

We know
Were a people to never lose hope
Were certain
Unity will get us there some day
Thats the only magic to deliver us

Come on
Young souls, were the power, the hope
Let us fight
To show the world we still have it
Were a people that made history

If today were on our knees
Were the only ones to blame
Were selling our souls for food
The lust for power is still dividing us.

Haiti, stop the genocide
Weve got to move ahead
Haiti, lets be united
Then well know victory

I need to talk
Others will get upset
So long in exile
Cant hold anymore
Crime, immorality, war are our seeds
We step over respect and love
What do we expect?


Our country is destroyed
Were so divided
Governments come and go
Our bad destiny seems untouchable
For nothing we start fighting
Like wild savage beasts
Politicians keep on deceiving
God, come rescue the Haitian people!

Everywhere we go
Were humiliated
Every road we take
Were disappointed
Its like we have no family
Its like we have no country
Our government officials
Cant you see were dying!


Tell me where were heading
If were disbanded
If we cant work side by side
Weve got to connect
And walk side by side
If we wish to make it.

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