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Thrice – Digging My Own Grave lyrics

It's not what you think
Just one more little bet
Just another cigarette
Just one more drink

So lend me just a little more
You know cancer can't catch me
Let's have another drink or three
Don't be a bore

But oh, don't I know
I'm just digging my own grave
Someone else please save myself from me
And oh, lord I know
I'm just digging my own grave
Can someone save myself from me?

I look, I don't touch
It's really no big deal
I'll quit it when I feel I've seen enough
Oh, don't call it an affair
It's just a little fling
She doesn't mean a thing to me, I swear

But oh, don't I know I'm just digging my own grave
Someone else please save myself from me
And oh, lord I know I'm just digging my own grave
Someone save myself from me

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    I agree, richbaa, minus the part about that they need God to save them.
    I feel the person is asking someone, anyone, to save them. My parents are survivors of addiction, and they couldn't save themselves, nor did God save them, their friends and the people of a rehab clinic saved them.
    The person singing is begging for help, but not blatantly. He's hoping someone will notice. While he sings about "Its not big deal, its just a fling, its just one more, doesn't mean a thing," he's hoping someone will notice how truly horrible his addiction is and that he needs saving, whether that be a friend, a parent, a doctor, or God.
    Maybe it is about God, Thrice does have a lot of songs that call to God. But I feel when its something like this, something like addiction that can truly end a person's life, we can't reply on God. At that point, you need to save yourself instead of waiting for a sign that may never come.
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  • r
    I think this song is about addictions. Smoking, drinking, pornography, and s**. They think of excuses to justify their addictions, and won't admit their problem. But in the chorus they have a moment of clarity, and realize they need help. "I look, I don't touch/It's really no big deal" is a common justification for looking at pornography.
    The "someone" that they need the save them from themselves is God.
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