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Back in the days of old times, on the Eastside
Where the G's who ride, and here the rest play
You got to have you a phat knot
Or you would have not
'cause so everyday I gets no play
Black is the color, color be like blood
Place and location destination my hood set
What's up on that dove sack, can I get some love
We are sentimental of an Eastside thug
Anyways anyways, as I sip on a beer
I do she'd a tear oh it's clear oh my dear
Many have they hands up, 'cause I got some ends
But game recognize game ain't no need to pretend
Used to kick it at the shack on Delta the shelter
Niggaz walkin by the spot like alka seltzer
Plot plot, biz biz, no is no friends
Now I got some doe doe, need you no more (what a relief it is)
Many muthafuckaz wasn't down from the start
So what you know my first name is like Mark
Do me, never, no matter the weather
If you come you best a have your shit together
There'll come a day, that they'll say
Ohh we made a mistake
There'll come a day, that they'll say
Ohh we made a mistake
2 Scoops-
Every since we put it down
Niggaz wanna come around
Down to the shack
Since we aren't fuckin wack
But they best a back up and get back in the cut
'cause when I think back to the days, they didn't give a fuck
Now niggaz wanna come around and clown in my face
But lookin over yesteryear, they wasn't in the place that I was in
Now I bent them corners in my Cutlass
May be a bucket, but fuck it
I'm still on top, and I'm a drop your ass if I have to
Gat ya, splat ya up against the wall
Small or tall I'm gonna fade you all
Niggaz don't know about the muthafuckin Scoop with the 8-ball
In my clutch but I just fuck up shit
Everywhere that I go because the Dove Shack click
Is gettin wrecked nigga ya best watch out for the tech
'cause I'm a lets it go and rip off your fuckin neck
There'll come a day, that they'll say
Ohh we made a mistake
There'll come a day, that they'll say
Ohh we made a mistake
Hey yo what's up homey Knight?
Funny, funny, funny style ass niggaz
Wanna kick it with the Knight but I squeeze the trigger
(boom boom) why? because I check you busta niggaz
Niggaz, they wanna come around
Now that I made it, niggaz hate it
But they can't fade it
Jealousy, dwells in the mind
But my time is still 9-4
As I display rhymes like this
MCs I diss, 'cause I cut ups upon the track
MCs they come one and all and all in one
But you see niggy Knight man's definitely got the gun (revolver)
But now you wanna bust raps with me
Clock snaps with me, and adapts with me
But I ain't havin it, I'm rollin with my nigga Scoop and Bo
And shit we got the flow and here we fuckin go
So, niggaz best a recognize this fuckin crew called the Dove Shack
As you see skills we never lack
(Chorus: repeat 3X)
There'll come a day, that they'll say
Ohh we made a mistake
There'll come a day, that they'll say
Ohh we made a mistake

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