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Dove Shack – Rollin Wit A Gang lyrics

[Bo Roc chorus]
And I'm rollin wit a gang
And I'm rollin wit a gang
Yes, I'm rollin wit a gang
Rollin wit a gang

[C Knight]
The D-O-V-E pro shack is in the house wit an attitude like rudish
Now watch me do this
Funky style on this track when I bring this gangsta shit
It is me, the kniggy Knight thunda biter
Funky styles that I writa
No need for a typewrita
So understand that I'm dwellin in the shack
On a Long Beach lack
With my three five seven jack fully strapped on my hips
So don't trip but if you choose to
Train tracks around your eyes from who
Me, the C-K-N-I-G-H-T down wit me niggaz
So watch we get props like water melon
Smokin on niggaz ass tellin while I'm bellin
Down the street like a shack nigga
Becuz I figga
If I stand tall and you hold a big gun wit me
And be a dub you see
Niggaz would respect this
Cuz they couldn't check this, negro
With a flat top afro
But under a dove shack cap though
But I'm gone headin back to the shack
Nigga, haha, and I'mma leave it like that

[Bo Roc]
And I'm rollin, rollin, rollin on

[2 Scoops]
Now since I'm rollin wit a gang
And I hand in the L-B-C
That's where you findin me droppin the T-N-T
On every block know it stop now wit me
Cuz I'm the nigga that they call the S-C two O's and a P
And I'm wicked, really really wicked
And I like stick it, and I like kick it
At the dove shack in the front niggaz got the blunts
In my mouth fools in the house
From the north to the south
Cuz that nigga that they call the Scoopa
The troopa, that nigga that shoot ya
Run through ya, like I never knew ya
Ain't nuttin to ya, this nigga Scoop will do ya
Who gives a fuck, not them niggaz with big nuts
They got my front, they got my back, they got my middle
Prolly catch me in my M-C on wheelo
Sittin on some D'z ready to make the motherfuckers bark
Cuz shit get crazy at dark when the shit's on spark

[Bo Roc chorus]
And I'm rollin wit a gang
And I'm rollin wit a gang
Yes, I'm rollin wit a gang
Rollin wit a gang

[Bo Roc]
Now everybody bob your head to that gangsta swang
Swiggity swang where we hang where we bang
In the side of the city by the sea
Simply known as Long Beach
As I creep creep crawl to the back dark alleys
Comin straight from the city Long Beach, Cali
Death rate high efidence low
This is the Bo Roc gangsta from the ghetto
Therefore I really don't give a mad middle finger
The funky rap singer, that chronic high linger
Original young gangsta, yes I roll with a gang
Dividends be on large, cuz I do chronic slang
The microphone all the way across the room
Damn, this shit's the bomb, boom
As we fly like some dubz
Much love from the dove from the dove shack
And I'mma leave it like that

[Bo Roc chorus]
And I'm rollin wit a gang
And I'm rollin wit a gang
Yes, I'm rollin wit a gang
Rollin wit a gang
And I'm rollin, rollin, rollin on

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