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The Cinematic Orchestra – To Build A Home lyrics

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    It's a song about how time never stops. There are all of these things â€" houses, friendships, lovers, trees, us â€" and they all will dissipate into dust. Yet we hold onto it all for as long as we can, before we turn into dust ourselves. This song is about staring up at the stars and appreciating that we're a part of all of that â€" we're participants in this ever-changing cosmic epic. It's about taking care of each other, all despite the natural forces at work against us. Forget about the problems and worries you invent outside of the place you feel at home; watch the world go by for a bit and you'll see it's all okay, yet sad and more beautiful than anything else. Build a home for someone.
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    @311william - a man building a home for him and his partner. He tells us how he doesn't feel alone there. This house symbolizes their love for each other and their relationship. And now that she has dissappeared, it means nothing to him, its just a 'house'. Now he just wants to fade from the busy world and be alone 'and now, it's time to leave and turn to dust. '
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    A man placed all of his self-worth into a relationship and she changed. At some point she made the statement "you're not the man i married" and left. Probably for someone more 'dangerous', more fun. His domesticity repelled her, even though he left his old self behind for the two to plan a future together. With half of his self gone, he has lost the will to go on (evidenced by the place no longer being maintained). He climbs the tree, some aspect of his adventerous younger self still there. He no longer has the will to even be adventurous so he stays up there like a man who did something and cannot remember why he did but knows deep down he should.
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    A relationship has changed. A man and a woman who have shared so much in life; have loved so deeply; have become one with one another. The man's heart is slowly torn apart as he watches the ravages of Alzheimer's disease take the love of his life's mind to a far away place that doesn't include him. He can recall each precious moment; each gentle touch; each wonderful moment in time, yet, it seems that the more he can remember, the more she is forgetting. He loves her so much and the pain of watching her sink into her new world without him is proving to be more painful than her inevitable death. She disappeared into another place long before her death. The house is all that is really left of their time together. The house is the only thing left now that holds anything tangible meaning for him to hold on to. It is where she was, is only in his memory now. Climbing that old tree showed him how tightly he was holding on to those memories and how much she had so wonderfully consumed his life. After reflecting on it all, he decides that life is not worth living without her really being there anymore. Death is the only thing that can ease his pain. Sad but lovely story of love and devotion.

    I don't know why the song was written or even if it was a track from a movie. When I first heard it there was just something about it that moved me. I am probably way off base here, but it is what I feel about the song. My interpretation.
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    A strong relationship, full of meaning, hope and love was established between two lovers, two lovers whom had suffered a lot. Between the two, they each felt safe with one another. Until one day the girl became ill and passed. Now he is saying it is his turn to leave the earth, as this story is told from him as an older man. As he lay in his death bed, he reminisces back to when they first began, and things of all of the obstacles they had to overcome to be together and come upon the love that they shared. He remembers the hard times he went through after his love had passed away. Now he return to the present and passes on to be with his love.
    It makes you cry if you watch it with the scenes of the old man and his young wife in "up"
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