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The Band With No Name – Pull Up The Vinyl lyrics

Yep yep it's Quality Kid Kid Quality on this track I'm settlin
I settle in I'm levellin God's remedyin
My medicine pains away like aspirin
Heart is open new beginnin-in
Rid of sin-in-in vision-in-in you listenin listen
You will lose if you choose to refuse to move
Let loose let go from the get go up in the disco
Let's let go up with the tempo not like Sisqo
I'm praisin the amazin never phasin escalatin
Life esgigatin keep baitin
God's on top like an Adidas hat He's merkin it
Start worshippin

Woah pull up the vinyl dj I'm a lyrical rival
Woah put up your bling bling bring it on check this and the crowd sing
Woah pull up the vinyl sounds of thebandwithnoname revival
Woah put up your bling bling move around like you're disco dancin

Yep yep ok listen boy
We got skills like Ruud van Nistelrooy
We shot flows from here to Illinois
Delivery heavy like rhinoceroy
All the haters want to do is bring the war
All I wanna do is abort the war
Like Robin and his men I'm richin the poor
Evidence Satan's turfin the floor
Stop go you know the flow
Show blow wouldn't you know
Fix up lace up keep it on the low
Set get ready to go

I take the bass out and it sounds kinda tinny
Get ya get ya ya hands up higher
Jumpin up and down feelin free like a hippy
Shake ya shake ya ya your feets on fire
I wave my hands around so I look like a jelly
Get ya get ya ya hands up higher
Bounce to the beat like there's seven in a mini
Shake ya shake ya ya feets on fire
Dance dance can you do it like this
Dance dance and we do it like that

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