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Taylor Swift – We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together lyrics

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    This song can relate to me becasue I once had a boyfriend for like 5 months (it was my first one and I am young) and then he broke up with me twice. Once on april fools day and another a few days before that. He did some bad things, like; like another person while he was dating me and he was also liking another girl while we were together. After like a week after he broke up with me I was like, "ya, no, we are never ever getting back together. " and every time I hear this I think many thoughts. One of them is, "i can relate"
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    She has an on again off again boyfriend who fights with her, breaks up, and then calls her to apologize and it was over and over and she gets tired of it and tells the boy that she is breaking up with him and he keeps begging and begging for forgiveness but she does not care because he hurt her and yelled at her too many times and so he keeps begging and she keeps refusing and neither give up on getting what they want.
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    Beautiful song. In the car when it came up on the radio for the first time I heard it. I know that many of you have experienced this, I havnt but I know plenty of people who have and what happened to one of them was tragic and horrible. I love this song. Boy you can get another girl coz we never getting back together. Lol I won a taylor swift book at school for being consistent with singing and reading! Love you taylor(not like that).
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    Wow this so is so weird because my ex and I were in love but then we broke up and he started dating my best friend the day after then summer past and at the end of summer he started talking to me and flirting to me and stuff. And I was all like we are never ever getting back together! And this was before this song even came out!
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    Well. I love Taylor Swift so much, this song is good one but I prefer blank space because it can tell you how to deal with jerks and break their hearts because they don't have any sense of humanity, they try to make girls love them with their sweet lies and when they reach their goal, they take what they want from girls and leave them with broken hearts, girls don't be simple minded, be cold blooded and cruel, torture them and never be weak and surrender to their lies.
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