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Taylor Swift – Sweeter Than Fiction lyrics

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    I think this song really means that if you set your mind to something and it fails there will always be someone to support you no matter what. It says to keep trying and all the people that were putting you down will be proven wrong and the person rooting for you will be proud. "There you will stand, ten feet tall I will say I knew it all along. This isn't a love song but rather about that someone that you can really trust to just be there for you.
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    I feel like the true meaning of this song is to just keep trying. There's always somebody who is going to be there to support your dream, no matter how big or small. In this song, it's the narrator who sees the true potential. I love the line "Proved me right, proved me right, when you proved them wrong," because it shows that even his supporters are getting shunned. It's almost like being a Swifty because a lot of the times, people kind of recoil when you tell them that you love her. While it's really supposed to be a song about the movie One Chance, you could also say it's a movie about Taylor and her fans. Anyway, awesome song!
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    I was listening to Taylor Swift's song Sweeter Than Fiction, and the lyrics goes "Hit the ground, hit the ground, hit the ground (oh, oh) Only sound, only sound that you hear is no."

    I know the phrase "hit the ground running", which means to work very hard and energetically. So I was thinking that was what Taylor Swift meant -- he's working very hard but he only gets no. It makes sense to me, because in the next verse, the lyrics goes: "They never saw it coming. You hit the ground running. And now you're on to something."

    However, a lot of people say "hit the ground" here refers to the saying when one has: “hit rock bottom”. It means when we face hardships and disappointments in our life and we feel we can’t move on. We take a risk of “jumping” headfirst in an attempt, and often we fall down in the process.

    I don't know. Which interpretation sound more legit? Can "hit the ground" also mean "hit rock bottom"?
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