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Taylor Swift – Forever And Always lyrics

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  • secretgirl72
    Joe Jonas. How stupid could he be anyway? Honestly. He should just go jump off a cliff or something. Taylor Swift seems like a wonderful and sweet person, how the hell could he break up with her? Sure he could have lost his feelings for her but come on! At least be man enough to tell her that.
    Anyway. I really love this song. Story of my life actually except for one difference, I don't really care.
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  • Glasswatar
    Confirmed, on an interview in Kiisfm she said this song was about Joe. At least I think so. *Checks memory* hmmm. I'm pretty sure. But hey I was half asleep when I heard it in the morning. Lol. Yeah this song is about how a guy said he loves her Forever and Always. But it's not true and she's all questioning herself thinking, what did I do wrong? You know every girl needs to know that your perfect the way you are! There is nothing wrong with you. If a guy leaves you, that is his problem! He missed out on A great girl! And, unless your qualified for marriage age (and please don't flame me for this) any guy who says there with you forever and Always. Drop it cold because most likely it won't be forever. He just wants something from you. And guys not to hurt on your pride, your perfect the way you are, its just I have alot of heart broken girls at the moment because they said "Forever&Always" No Joke.
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  • j
    This song is breath taking. Gorgeous. Joe got what he deseved nd for everuones info joe brokeup wit her. And she was heart broken have yuh read the lyrics to the song?!? Joe left her for that ugly bad actress. Taylor is so much better has a beatiful voice and her songs are breath taking theii leave me sppechless. Stop hating! I love the jonas brothers too (Obssesed actually) but wats wrong its wrong and joe did sumting wrong so0o0. (jonas lover 23)
    admmiit the truth and stop hating! Taylor roxz!
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  • x
    The secret message is "If You Play These Games We're Both Gonna Lose", so I think its about someone messing with her heart.
    Also, it is about joe, and the way she makes this song sound, it makes him seem like he did something really bad. Maybe he did, but from what he says so did she. Either way, why does it matter? If ur not his fan, too bad, if ur not her fan, too bad, if you like both of them, why should it matter? You like their music, so what goes on in their personal life, shouldnt be a life changing thing for us. Now, personally I love taylor, but I also don't think she needed to tell abunch of press. And they couldve handled the whole situation better. That's just me tho.
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  • ndalco
    Yeah, maybe he didn't have feelings for Taylor anymore, but did he have to break up with her on the phone? That's a low blow and he should be ashamed of himself for doing that Even if they were apart for a while don't you think that Taylor - anyone - deserves better than that and you go and dump her on the phone. That's just sad.
    It's a great song and has meaning to it.
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