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Syd Matters – To All Of You lyrics

To all of you, American girls, it's sad to
Imagine a world without you
American girls I'd like to
Be part of the world around you
Driving a car by the seaside
Watching the world from the bright side

To all of you, American girls in the movies
Noone can tell where your heart is
American girls like dollies
With shiniest smiles and plastic bodies
wish I had an American girlfriend
I cry sometimes walking around my own place
why she cries sometimes
Talking about her own place
Somewhere around the mountains
Noone could dry her fountain
Till she got tired to complain
That's when I fly to the wildland, to your land

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  • s
    This song is related to the game "Life is strange".

    In both the game and the song the main idea is that you have to value your relatives and every bad thing that happen is not necessarily the worst thing that can happen. So be positive and go head on to clear that bad thing as best as you can with the power you have at your disposal.

    A meaning that is not clear, is the feelings that people have. With the sentence "With shiny smiles and plastic bodies" means none are showing their true self. And we must discover what's below the surface to fully understand someone.
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  • u
    Odd how no one can see the obvious point of the song.

    The author is decrying the false image presented to the world of the "american girl."

    He longs to be surrounded by these plastic goddesses that are so happy and so beautiful and so perfect. The kind that he sees in the movies.

    He looks around at his own life and find that it pales in comparison. He wishes he had an "American girlfriend." His doesn't cut the muster. She cries sometimes. She wants what she doesn't have.

    She probably has pubes, too.

    By extension, it's clear that the author himself is the same as her. Longing for his place in the mountains. With an "american girlfriend."

    This song is about body image and expectations.

    Life isn't perfect
    It's strange
    Yet, beautiful
    Not like those plastic american girls
    That don't exist.

    "The dead know only one thing. It's better to be alive."
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