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Switchfoot – This Is Home lyrics

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  • c
    This song was written for the new Narnia movie. At the end of the movie, the children have to leave Narnia and go back to their own world. They are really sad that they have to go back because Narnia feels more real and more like home to them than the place they came from. This song is just about how we are always searching for something beyond this life and looking for our true home that we will only get to after we die and go to heaven.
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  • 13lue62
    I think. This is song is about. Is like, you're happy and you have a great life that's worth living, and then you remember how it used to be. You were looked down upon, you were depressed or emo or something. But now this is how you want to be, happy and all, or. In my honest view. You've been so depressed all your life you are just used to it and your friends are like that too but just not around you cause ya'll just have fun with eachother and love eachother. That's home.
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  • u
    The meaning to this song simply is the economy is gradually deteriorating. The singers story is showing that buying houses is a lot harder these days. He can't find a home for the longest time. Thankfully, he manages to find one, another words, there is still hope out there that economy can be fixed. The writer believes we should cut down on our money. Thank you for listening to my view on "this is home".
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  • u
    I lost my 25 year old son recently; when I hear this song it is usually when I am in tears and missing him and crying out to god; I believe this song is used by god as a message from my son, who is home in heaven with the father and cradled in the arms of jesus and he is telling me he is at peace and at home as heaven has always been intended as his home; my son loves his memories but he would never go back and choose earth over god and heaven. He is also telling me that god's plan goes own forever for my son in heaven and my son's heart is set on god and god's plans, and to be ready - because it is not over yet christ will return.
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  • luvinGirlsAloud
    This is my all time favourite song! I never thought I'd say it but its true! I'm the kinda person who loves almost every type of music out there (ther are some which really peeve me off!) and can neva choose between them when asked his/her favourite. But I have found that song. Most people don't know this song but for those of us who do know we are lucky. It is the kind that touches hearts and really means something! I always thought my favourite song would be by Girls Aloud but it turns out it's by I band I'd neva even heard of until a year ago!
    This song is about the past and what is yet to come! Something has happened in the past that just can't be gone back too. Personallly this song conjures up my life and brings it all together as the only place ican ever call home is in my head. Sounds weird huh? That's exactly what I mean.
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