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Switchfoot – Dare You To Move lyrics

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  • u
    People constantly judge us by our actions, how we dess, and the things we like and we can't get away from it. People wait to see what we do in every situation. How will we act? Many people hide things they don't want other people to see abou themselves out of feat of judgement and things like that. This song challenges us to be bold in who we are. Even when everything inside us screams for us to fit in. Like everyone else. This song is specifically telling us to be bold as christians (becasue switchfoot is a christian band. Why else would they talk about salvatoin. Which ony jesus christ can bring through dying on the cross, and redemption.) whe shouldn't hide that we are christians. And this song challenged us to tell people not be scared of this. But an important part of this is also sharing this gift with others. This is my interpertation.
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  • p
    For me, It fits. My story, Husband. Cheater 16times.(sigh) But, He was not saved the first 8 of our 16 yr marriage. "Welcome to the planet.". For me was like, welcome to new single life. So I thought. Then "everybody is watching..." was when non saved and saved saw Christs forgiveness pour out of me onto him. "I dare you to move..." means so much. First, get up! Keep going! Just do it>>>Move! "...Move toward reconciliation. "Welcome to the fall out" He was not saved. resistance was great. Talk about tension. Forgive. He had only Jesus to turn to. . . And did. Now 8yrs later...again. Sigh. " Like today never happened. Get up again. I dare you! Move. What happens next? Get up.
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  • 13lue62
    Okay I think this song is about, like. People are just waiting for you to do something wrong and when you do, they push you out of there life and just hate you. "I dare you to move..." as in, I dare you to make a move or do something so I can f*k you off and get on with my life and not have to worry about you. Get it?
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