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Sugarland – Keep You lyrics

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    What I believe this song is about, is very close to what I experience everyday. I believe he decided to break up, he tried to explain but the pain of hereing the news hit her to hard that she couldn't here his reasons. She tries so hard to move on and she is doing it well enough that nobody really sees or knows she is in so much pain. Somebody else wants her, and that is bitter, sweet because no matter how bad he wants her she can not want him, because the other one(guy) is still right there in her mind, its like he is with her. Though, the love of her life is physically gone, emotionally he is still right there with her, every moment of the day.
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    The beautyof songs is we can all take them differently.
    I had someone who I have loved for a very long time but we just never tried at a relationship. And I left my hometown cause it was so hard for both of us. He died in a scuba diving accident and this song explains everything, the pain of loving the ghost in front of me, Iv written so many notes some angry, some lovely memories. Iv found a Great man who loves me, and wants me, but my love for him just isn't as strong as it is for my past flame, and it explains the loving a stranger only made me love you more. Its a bittersweet victory knowing someone else who wanted me.
    You tried to explain it part is the many times I imagine him, and myself trying to explain why all f this could have happened, all the dreams I have of him and were together again, but in the end he dissapears.
    You really can't laugh, you can't cry. You just are. After you lose someone you love, you become emotionless.
    And all you can do is get use to the pain.
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    To add to the one beneath, its about a love that has hurt her by being no more because of death, and she has someone else in her life that just doesn't make her feel as alive and loved as her lost love did. She misses him and the love they had so much that it constantly tears her apart and wonders what she can do to stop his memory and loss from hurting her constantly.
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    It's about a couple who love each other very much but just can't make it work together. Or perhaps it could be about an affair that you know you have to leave someone but they are still in your heart.
    They seperate, but she is still in love with him and nothing else quite works.
    She tried loving someone new, it only made her love him more but she knows that being together is hopeless. He is a ghost. Like a widow she keeps on loving him but she can't have him and it's tearing her apart emotionally.
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    I don't think it has a lot to do with a relationship. Sort of. The line that is truly telling is "he loved me until i loved you even more. Its a bittersweet victor knowin someone else wanted me. " I think this woman is talking about herself. Honestly, it sounds like she's her own worst enemy. She loved herself more than the guy so he walked, especially since most of the video is her looking in the mirroat herself. She's singing the song to herself. She may even have a split personality!
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