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Stix – Arrested lyrics

Uh Can you let me out, Shorty please can you let me out
Judge please can you let me out, judge please can you let me out
Can you bail me out, locked up can you bail me out
Shorty please can you let me out, judge please can you let me out

Handcuffed and arrested, I'm in love I'm so guilty
And I don't want ever go free, Hands up shorty got me
Handcuffed and arrested, I'm in love I'm so guilty
One for free, Hands up shorty got me handcuffed and arrested

What can I say ain't no need to put up a fight
Man I know I'm doin nine to life, What is this about
I wish I could've picked another route, Yo James come bail me out
But he can't, Cupid be the judge of this game, just break it up like Mills
But I can't I need to find some order
But first let me call my lawyer, I'm arrested


Shorty got I mean I'm so in love, Got me speechless, and I'm mumblin

Got me stumblin and my heart fumblin, What have I stumbled in
Gotta make a collect call today, I mean something like a gta
Got my H-E-A-are-T right out of my chest
With no chance of parole I guess, I'm arrested



Walked up in the door, said I can't take it no more girl I'm ready to go
She said no, I'm like whoa, Just think about it, girl we goin through some
Arguin and boxin while my little man's watchin
You keep sayin you gon' find you a better man
Should I go should I stay, who gives a damn
Nah we gon' ride this out we ain't do 6 years for us talk shit out
Plus I hear your little friends all in your ear tellin you I'm cheatin
When I'm out in the streets And I know I piss you off just a little bit
But I ain't goin nowhere, girl I'm arrested


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