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SNSD – Divine lyrics


Ah Ah Ah

Amarini mo moroi no ne
Kimochi wa tayasuku yurete

Yogaakeru to kieru
Kotae sagashi teru

Tada tachihadakaru kono close road
Michishirube ni naru starlight
Nē oshiete hoshī no
Ikubeki basho o

Kon'nani tōkute

Kujike-sōde mo

Tenmei o matteru

Kore ga destiny

Todoroki o utsu aranami ni marude
Muryokude chīsana watashidakedo

Umi sae kitto
Warete soko ni michiwotsukuru


We can be divine


Hieta tsuchi no ue o mo
Hadashi de aruite yuku
Anata no nukumori ga
Sasae ni naru

(You always by my side)

Hitori de umareta no ni
Deaubeku shi tete au
Anata wa dare yori mo
Watashi o shitteru

Tachimukatte yuku

Oukina fate ni

Anata tonaraba

Tsuyoku nareru

Kowaimono nado nakatta hazunanoni

Ne e ima wa anata o ushinaitakunai

Kumo no sukima
Hikari terasu sonohi made wa

Sayonara wa iwanaide

Sorezore no michi

Hirakareta sonotoki

Kitto omoidasu nodeshou
Kono negai

Tomoni ayunda michinori o

Akashi ni shiyou eien ni

We are always one~

Uh~ Uh~~ Woah~~~

Todoroku yōna aranami o mae ni
Watashitachi nani ga dekiru no to iu nodarou
Kono kon'nan o sotto
[Tiffany/All] yorisoi mukaeyou

Shinji teru

[All] We can be divine

[Tiffany] Omoi wa hitotsu

[Jessica] We can be divine

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Submitted byChâu Hương
Corrected byRahmat_Albar


  • c
    This song is always special for me. GG sang a song as 9 for the last time (officially, really hope they can be as 9 in one stage someday though). I really can feel their emotion through this song, and me as fans only can think that this song would always meant to be the very last song for Jessica, maybe at that time they already faced "that problem", maybe maybe.

    *sigh* I'm starting to tear up when I listened to this song. It's MV also make me tear up as well. Why this happened? Why this happened? I keep asking the same questions until now. What kind of problem and how big that problem is that make them decided this kind of decision. But, who knows?!

    At the worst state, I began to think does that friendship bonding as 9 even exist? But, I keep trying to think more in positive side. It was the best for them. They will be succeeded in their own ways. GG will always be 9, FOREVER!

    Be well, Taeyeon Jessica Sunny Tiffany Hyoyeon Yuri Sooyoung Yoona Seohyun!
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  • u
    This song is so very special and so meaningful to me. I loved GG as 9 angels together with a special friendship bond. I couldn't believe it when Jessica was out off the group. This was her last song as a member of SNSD and it brought tears to my eyes everytime I watched its MV. I miss you a lot Jessica and I wish for SNSD to always stay girls and be strong. GG fighting!
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