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SNSD – The Boys lyrics

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  • u
    I love snsd and I love jessica, tiffany, sooyoung and hyoyeon. And I love ice princess, brighter than gem, s*** pose and dancing queen. I like them. I wish these 9 girls love each other forever. And I know jessica and tiffany love each other very much. They kiss and hug when they got a prize of their song. (and I think jaesica couple and woofany couple very nice couples) I love them.
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  • h
    I love SNSD so much mostly Kwon Yuri! This song is amazing and its so awesome when I hear the high notes. They did it! And when I watched the mv of it, they are also so good in dancing mostly Kwon Yuri and Kim Hyoyeon. Taetiseo is so fantastic when I watched the video of Twinkle and Omg! They are so good in high notes and they can really reach! Forever SNSD!
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    This song is awesome! I love tiffany, taeyeon, and seohyun. (taetiseo) the only thing is that they seem to struggle with the high notes. You know when they are at concerts right? Most often, you can see some of the singers close their eyes and struggle when performing high notes. Their singing is great, but it might just effect their health. But still, go taetiseo! (by the way, go listen to their new hit "twinkle".) ;))
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  • w
    Well, I like this cool song of snsd. It contains a style of the leadership. But my friend hate it. She said that snsd's voices are very disagreeable to listen. Every girls' sound like that. She's a girl too, how can her voice like a man? And I thought she is a real anti because she always says snsd is plastic and failure. I was mad at her. She always says spiteful things to snsd. The sones will kill her if she keeps saying that.
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  • u
    At the first time, I love 2ne1 so much. (p/s: I don't like wonder girls) and when I hear songs like "gee", "run devil run" and so on, I think it's so annoying. But when I hear "into the new world", my opinion changed! And I start hearing snsd's old songs, like "girls' generation", "complete", "kissing you", "baby baby" and so on, I started to compare it to 2ne1's songs like "i am the best", "can't nobody" etc, and I think snsd is much more better than 2ne1! Now, no other idol girl groups in my heart. Only snsd. I love the new s*** concept from snsd! Saranghae snsd! Hwaiting!
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