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Smokin Armadillos
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Smokin Armadillos

I Am A Cowboy lyrics

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Smokin Armadillos – I Am A Cowboy lyrics

Well I was ridin' down the road on my quarterhorse

And I roped them doggies and I brand 'em of course

I got spurs on my feet, a rope in my hand, got a pistol

By my side, I'm the quickest in the land I'm a cowboy


Head 'em up, move 'em out A cowboy ain't

A man, he's A special kinda breed that lives

Off the land. I'm A cowboy man that ain't no

Lie, and if you're gonna mess with me you're

Gonna hafta die, I'm A cowboy

Well I can ride in the shoulder and rope on the range to the

People in the city I look kinda strange got Justin boots,

Resistol hat for every single gal who looks like that. I was raised

In the hills with horses and stuff and I grew to be strong and I

Learned to be tough. I don't mind the city, 'cuz my roots are stil

There, but they got their own problems and I don't real care

I'm a cowboy

(Repeat Chorus)

Well I gotta fix fence and I gotta load hay, and I gotta brand cows

If I wanna get paid. I work real hard to make the cattle grow 'cuz

Cattle is full time job ya know. It's my way life it would seem if ya

Don't really like it you best stay away. So I rope my cattle and look

Real rough, 'cuz if you're gonna be a cowboy ya gotta be tough

I'm a cowboy

Head 'em up move 'em out A cowboy ain't A man

He's A special kinda breed that lives off the

Land. I'm A cowboy man that ain't no shit and

If you're gonna mess with me, you're gonna

Get hit

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