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Slipknot – All Hope Is Gone lyrics

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Submitted byrafaelmoliv
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  • d
    Ok if you read in a slipknot interview they talk about the name of the album "all hope is gone" and mick says something like "the humans fucked up and we should like wipe the earth clean and start over there beautiful shit in the world but the ugliness takes over the beauty" and since the album and the name of the song are the same then to me they mean the same thing.
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  • m
    A lot of people look at this in a very negative way, and in a lot of ways, it is if you continue to try and solve your problems the same way over and over again. That said, this track is also a reflection of what slipknot is. Just when you thought you had us all figured out, give up all hope because you're never, ever going to. Besides, we like it that way! "
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  • ChrisFishA-CrossRiff
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