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Skillet – The Last Night lyrics

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  • s
    This is my life. See I cut myself because of my ex and family and thought about suicide but my recent boyfriend said as long as I had him I didn't need to cut myself and one night I called him and sed I cut again he said this is the last night you will spend alone the last night you will feel like this the last night away from me. He wouldnt let me say goodbye he is the reason why I'm still alive.
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  • holyfire93
    The lead singer of skillet dedicated this song to a girl that had contacted him over there website saying that she had a terrible family, no more friends left, she cut, and she was thinking about suicide. Later, when she told him she was saying her goodbyes cuz she was going to do it, skillet ended up confronting her at her house and talked with her and made her happy and let her know their is a god out there that loves her and is the only friend she needs and to pray to him whenever she was down. I thought it was sweet, even though I am not a christian, but this song is life-changing for most people, I believe. Rock on, skillet! ^^
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  • c
    This song is basically God talking to a girl that's been through so much. Her parents don't understand what shes going through, and shes ready to just end it all. But God tells her that its all going to be ok. That He will help her through it. It hurts. Yeah, He knows that. But with him, you can overcome anything. No matter where you are, God is always there for you. It says "If you give me your hand i will help you hold on." Hes saying that if you want help, and you feel like youre ready to just leave this uncaring, selfish world, and youve got no one to talk to, you can always talk to God. As long as you want His help, He will be there for you.
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  • r
    John cooper has explained this song at every live show at which it was played. He writes this song about a girl who thinks she has no reason to live, hates her life, and decides one night to kill herself and end it all. That night, she comes to john and tells him her plans. John then gets the chance to tell her that she is not a mistake, that her life has meaning, and that if she will see that god loves her, even sent his son to die for her, it will be the very last night she will ever spend alone.
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