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Six O Clock Saints – Skin lyrics

Lets finish what we've started
Never sleeping
Minds hardened
Slow to chase the taste away
You never prey
On idealistic ways
Drugged up
Hard hearted
Can't stop it the vibe that we started
Ignoring the worlds instructions
I realize it's

Hard to find the truth
In all the things we do
To keep ourselves removed
From all the love entombed
In this abused skin

If broken skin is all that
I'll risk then
I'll take that
Better pain to live my way
Apathy keeps you safe
In a cowards way
I'm scared
But hopeful
That ma was right when she said all
Love in all it's warmth
Will wrap you up
And keep you safe
From all that's cold

If I would say to you
I can't exist like you
Would it be so taboo
To cope in some way new
Devoid of hardened skin

All I've learned of life
I should have learned in kindergarten
Guarded heart
And selfish mind hand me downs
Have a way of being cozy
I don't know how to end this
It's seeping in my skin
I'm running round in circles
Because my walls are closing in
It's tearing at my insides
And it's laughing at my sin
I know it's time for change because
I hate the way we've been

As a pup I knew
Every ounce of love your due
Is out there waiting to
Be gathered round and passed around
And spread beyond yourselves
Give in to something new
Every chance that you get
To get beyond their guard and
Touch skin

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