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Silverstein – The End lyrics

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  • alli9786
    I think it's about a guy who really liked a girl, and a girl who was crazy for that guy. But both the girl and the guy had a deep, dark secret they weren't willing to share with each other. This secret caused them to drift away and finally coming to the conclusion where they decide to part. However, they are still both madly in love with each other, causing them to say "Will you still miss me? 'Yes, I'll miss you.' Do you love me? 'Yes, I love you.'" They're battle to keep loving each other is depicted as "this union". They desperately tried to keep their love alive, but in the end, it was never about love.
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  • u
    A guy sees a girl and is mesmerized by her and she sees him and is captured by the dreams he has for the future, but there's something that they're both hiding, so they can never really love each other or love the other completely. She was his "muse", but eventually he ends up resenting her for the way he's drawn to her, and she resents him and feels slightly betrayed because the dreams he had never came true. When he's talking about not wanting to save her and setting the house on fire, I think he means that he tried to break the relationship and ruin their partnership, but he couldn't bring himself to leave her, because he's still enchanted by her on some level, even though they both end up disliking one another. The end is a little trick for me to figure out. Either it's some sort of romeo and juliet thing, they live like that until they die, or it's their "fall from grace" which is what it sounds like with "hands from the sky swat us away like flies, as we follow the light. " I think, maybe they finally break up and they'll still love and miss each other, but it's not complete, because it was never really about love--they both just wanted to have somebody and try to make it work, but couldn't devote themselves completely because of that part of them that they weren't willing to share. Also, alli9786 has a really good summary too (much more poetic than mine) :)
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  • u
    Broken heart. I have passed through that and I'm still recovering. You don't know how hard it is, and how much it hurts. You forgot about how much I loved you. You got mad with for searching on your phone. And I knew something was wrong. I know you were with other girl. That broke me and made me see that life isn't fair and that I should had never loved and trusted you. That made me see how cruel the world is and that life was not worth living. I'm broken inside and I have nothing in my life and alone and i'll suicide someday.
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