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Silverstein – My Heroine lyrics

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  • h
    The song has been a total hit to the industry even though some doesn't really know the true meaning of the song. Xd I guess that people only judge the song by what they think it is. But the real true meaning of it as I know is that the guy in the song loves a girl but he is being hurt so he tries to move on using a drug that is called Heroine. When he eventually knew that he can't move on by this. He tried to refrain from his habit and is still trying his best because he doesn't want to be breaked by the drug.
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  • ii-reenee
    I read somewhere, that Shane Told meant two different things with My Heroine. The drugs, but the female hero too.
    The Female, could've saved the man's life it's about. But than se betrayed him or something, and he got depressed. But now he wants to get over it, and be happy again.
    And the drug version, I Think. Is about it helped him forget things, and than he became an addict, and that he couldn't live without it. And now (because the: I will save myself) that he wants to come clean, just what Nekomatarashi said.
    I don't think people should argue about what this song means, because I think, that it means what you want it to mean.
    Besides this, I still love this song, and it's my fav.
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  • n
    @crystals21: Please refrain from comparing an epic band like Silverstein to a horrible movie/book like Twilight.
    Meaning: It's about a guy's struggle with pot. It says "heroine" because it saved him from his troubles. "I bet you laught at the thought of me thinking for myself" refers to how it affects the brain and makes you do things you normaly wouldn't. Also the first paragraph refers to the physical effects it haves on you. When it says "You won't try to save me, you just want to hurt me and leave me desperate" that's his common sense telling him that he shouldn't be doing it. Then of course the end "I will save myself" is him saying that he's going to try and become clean and break his habbit.
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  • x
    -- first of all I think its "taunt " not "taught ". Really I think that I means that the guy is addicted to the girl the same.
    Way a person gets addicted to a drug -- -- the highs are good the withdrawls are barely bareable - and I think that she hurt him in soem way for him to say " i cant forget The times that I was lost and depressed from the awful truth"- I think she thinks less of him or has more control to move on "I bet you laugh
    At the thought of me thinking for myself"and that's shes no good for him.
    Cause it causes him pain to be with her buh he "loves" her so much he can't keep himself away buh he knows that he has to inorder to move on. It could be an ex that broke up with him and still flirts - or is playing games with him - I love this song cause it fits my situation --
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  • u
    It's aboht a man who's addicted to the drug Heroin who finds a woman who is bringing him out of his addiction, she's his saving grace, his Heroine

    "I WAS lost and depressed" - Past tense, he had been lost before her coming into his life

    "...from the awful truth" -lost and depressed over becoming a Heroin addict

    "How do YOU do it?" - He is in awe at how The girls love for him and his love for her is inspiring him to change his ways and over come his addiction to Heroin.
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