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Shome – DayDreamer lyrics

Chatting on my notepad
Tryin' to get my notes back
Cold dots reaccure whenever my I'm glancing on my profile
Hoping to get my penny up
It makes no sense to compromise
We were so important and it ended up
'Cause there is never a perfect fit
'Anyboy put yourself, that's where we go wrong
Never is your right mind, never is your right mind
When it gets left it's never at the right time
I swear the God I'm on it showing my opponent
And if it ain't really a mirror,
Then I can't ' it
I'm at the winter circle with champions I've never met
Really I ain't wonna great them
Cause they feelin like'

But not me dog, I... The sits to let the window blow
One is on the wheel, the other one at the window
I'm tryin' to get a feeling
It ain't the opposite
And my back seat, I'll rock you
Like they're sayin'
It's a new year so that means new dreams, new schemes
Not me, I'm on the same routine
Double up the profits
Risk a couple of blacks on my wall
But when I hit the majors, I love it
Majors all treat me well, I'm star started
Not there yet, but not far from it
Ima find it so appeasing?
Those who don't believe it
Always tryin' to doubt of your achievements

I see you all, average mind '
I see all'you all boys are playing T-Ball
I plan to take his sister
You all boys are on a sea'
I still ain't seein' break a buck
Cause your team Is starving
And you disregard it
And you care, love '
So you seem harmless
Until your friend hits the top so you jump on this

Man, I'm somebody you will never get
I hope my name hols more weight than you can ever lift
I'll be carefull and '
Somebody better tell him, I swear I tried to help him
Somebody better tell him, I swear I tried to help him

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