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Pick N' Roll lyrics

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Shome – Pick N' Roll lyrics

Fall back, you don't know us like that
Fall back, you don't know us like that
Fall back, you don't know us like that

Watch me kick off, open your ears, bet they heard me
16 straight off the chest, I'mma test a birdie
Look, don't stop, could've made Aaliyah boat rock
But I'm grinding and I won't stop
I'm getting, I'm getting glasses I never been used to
She getting chances she never been used to
Your auntie aging, she tryna be youthful
I hop on the call like baby girl, you are beautiful
Shout out to Vader, I'm focused right now
You'll never know us if you don't know us by now
I'm doing donuts in the vetty, something about confetti
I'm more Danny Devito, you more Joe Pesci
Now imagine me running point in this prime
I'm talking cp3, when I pass it to Don
Cross over, pick and roll and say your tall ass go and get it
He caught the alley, motherfucker, we gone

Let me plug my phone, if I need some juice running on me
Roll up and hit the store for juice 'cause I'm all me
Or really molly but the '
Got the hoes that love life, scared niggas all beefing
The ones that don't check in, too, but try to keep it secret
I grew up with some niggas that would rob you if they needed
'i never needed to co-sign'i make the obstacle course my assignment
In a Corola with shitty alignment, tryna ride this
I'll really rock until my rhymes change climate
Niggas still getting it by any means
While the lucky ones only worried about J's and skinny jeans
I'm smoking J's like nicotine
They smell it from the parking lot as soon the scene hits the scene

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