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[Jonghyun] Gaseum gadeukhan geudae heunjeok
Nareul soomshwigae haeyo
[Onew] Dalbitchae gin bami modu mooldeulmyeon
Hye eonal su eopneun gidarin da kkeutchi nalkkayo
[Taemin] Gijeokeul bileo mootgo daphaeyo

[All] Oh, geudae [Taemin] Mamae datgo shipeun nal malhaji
[All] Mothae [Jonghyun] Shirin gooreum dwiae garin byeolbitdeul cheoreom
[All] Saranghae [Key] Ipsool kkeutae maemdoldeon apeum gobaek modu
[All] Kkeutnae [Onew] Noonmulae heulleo

[Key] Shimjangae datneun ee hwasaleun
Eejen nae mom gatgaetjyo
[Minho] Jukeul mankeum neomu apado
[Jonghyun] Nae mamae bakhin geudaereul kkeonael su eopnaeyo
[Minho] Sarangeeraseo
[Onew] Nan sarangeeraseo

[All] Na geudael [Onew] Gatji mothaedo nae mami
[All] Kkeutnae [Key] Seulpeun inyeonae byeok apaegaromak.hyeodo
[All] Saranghae [Taemin] Barabol suman itneun gosiramyeon
[All] Geudaen [Jonghyun] Nae jeonbunikka

[Key] Su maneun bam jisae ooda
[Jonghyun] Nae noonmul gateun byeolbitchi
Meotji anneun biga dwaemyeon
[Onew] Gieokhaeyo naega saranghaetdan geol

[All] Na geudael [Taemin] Gatji mothaedo nae mami
[All] Kkeutnae [Onew] Eulpeun inyeonae byeok apae
[All] Geudaereul saranghae [Minho] Barabol suman itneun gosiramyeon
[All] Geudaen [Jonghyun] Nae jeonbunikka

[All] Na geudael gatji mothaedo nae mami kkeutnae ([Jonghyun] I need you)
[Key] Seulpeun inyeonae byeok apaegaromakhyeodo
([Jonghyun] I am trying dying crying for you, baby)
[Taemin] Saranghae barabol suman itneun gosiramyeon
([Key] Neol saranghae, geudaereul saranghae)
Geudaen nae jeonbunikka

[Jonghyun] Himgyeopji anayo, oh no
[Taemin] Nae geudaera geudaenikka
[Onew] Apado oolryeodo saranghae

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  • U
    UnregisteredAug 7, 2012 at 8:34 am
    It was a great song . I can feel the real meaning of this song by hearing those shinee' s member voice . They were just great. Shinee, hwaiting !!
  • U
    UnregisteredMar 14, 2012 at 9:40 am
    First, i hear this song from shinee 1st concert in tokyo, but now i feel this song really sweet, this the third song that i like
    If what i say wrong i'm sorry, i'm from indonesian and i try to learn english
  • U
    UnregisteredMay 4, 2012 at 6:05 pm
    I really like the lyrics. It's really sad though. I can see why the song is called quasimodo, because the story of quasimodo kinda relates to this i guess because he loves the girl but the girl doeasn't retrieve his feelings and he's broken
  • U
    UnregisteredApr 14, 2012 at 10:51 am
    Shinee (qusimodo meaning) [jonghyun]your traces that my heart is filled with makes me able to breathe[onew]when the long night is colored by the moonlight will the inescapable wait all end? [teamin] i wish for a miracle and ask and answer myself[teamin] oh i can't tell you about me.who wants to reach you heart[jonghyun] like the starlight hidden behind the cold clouds[key] i love you in the ene.this painful confession that lingers at the edge of my lips[onew]slides down in tears[key]this arrow that's reached my heart feels like a part of my body now[minho]even though it hurts to death[jonghyun] i can't remove you who's stuck in my heart[onew] because it's love.because for me it's love[onew]even if i can't have you.even when my heart[key] blockee in the end by the wall of sad connection [teamin] i love you if it's a place where i can just wacth you[jonghyun] because you're my everthing[key] i stay up for so many night[jonghyun]when the starlight become rain that doesn't stop like my tears[onew] remember that i love you[teamin] even if i can't have you.even when my heart[onew] is blocked in the end by the wall of sad connection.i love you[minho] if it's place where i can just wacht you[jonghyun]because you're my everthing[all]even if i can't have you.even whem my heart[jonghyun] i need you[all] is blocked in the end by the wall of sab connection[jonghyun] i am trying not cry over you baby[all] i love you if it's place where i can just wacht you[key] i love you,i love you[all] because you're my everthing[jonghyun] it's so not tough oh no[teamin] because you have to be mine in order for you to be you[onew] even if it hurts . Even if you make me cry i love you... (add me on facebook... Nurunnihar ahmad)
  • U
    UnregisteredFeb 21, 2012 at 8:13 pm
    I love this song, singing like it was from quasimodo's heart to esmeralda that never loved him back and made him wait even though it hurted him so badly

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