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[Minho] Hana, Dul, Set

[Onew] Yeah~ Hmm~
[Taemin] Jameul jjocha jollin nuneul tteo, Jamshi humyeon tto naeiriya
Kkamjjakhal sae jinagan haruga heomuhae, Gasemi morael samkijiman
[Jonghyun] Jeongshin eobshi shigani heulleo, Deugeun daedeon uri gamjeongi
Iksukhaejyeo dangyeon hadeut neukkyeo jilkka, Gwaenhan geokjeonge seoreowo
[Key] Soholhaejin insadeul, Deomdeomhi sangcheo jwosseul haengdongdeul
Apeuge haryeo han ge aninde, Maebeon mianhan maeumman

[Onew] Neul geu jarie isseo nal jikyeojwoseo, Neul naega badeul binan
Amu maldo eobshi nal gamssajun ne moseubeul ijen, Naega geoul cheoreom
Bichuryeo hae

[Key] Tto dweddollyeo bwa gieogui pilleum, Uri cheoeum mannan naren
Gaseum ttwieo gamchul su eomneun nunmul, Gomaun mankeum neomchyeosseo
[Onew] Naboda nareul ihae haeseo, Naega muneojiryeo hal ttae
Naboda himdeureo haneun ne moseube, Tto aicheoreom ureosseo
[Minho] Uri sain kkeuni isseo, Mallon seolmyeonghal su eomneun eomcheongnan
[Jonghyun] Uri yaegi, chueogi chagokchagok oneuldo gyseok ieojyeo

[Taemin] Neul geu jarie isseo nal jikyeojwoseo, Neul naega badeul binan
Daeshin haeseo
Amu maldo eobshi nal gamssajun ne moseubeul ijen, Naega geoul chereom
Bichuryeo hae

[Jonghyun] Neul geu jarie isseo nal jikyeojwoseo, Neul naega badeul binan
Daeshin haeseo
Amu maldo eobshi nal gamssajun ne moseubeul ijen, Anajuyeo hae

[Key] Himdeureojyeo pogihaego shipeul ttae
[Taemin] Yakhan mame domangchigo shipeul ttae
[Jonghyun] Jageun ne soni naegen gajang jeun him dweneun geol
[Minho] Pyeongsaeng neol wihan norael bulleo julge
[Onew] Neul geu jarie isseo nal mitgo jikyeojun nege yeah~
Gomaum dameun norael jeonhalge

[Minho] Gilgodo gin inyeonui kkeune eodie daheulji, moreul jonchagyeok
Seoro baewogamyeo manheun geoseul neukkyeo, Maeum pyohyeonhagin hangsang
Neujeo, Gaeseumneun ichyeojiji anketji
Nuneneun namgyeojyeo utgo itgetji, Naui gippeumi neoge haengbogi

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  • U
    UnregisteredJul 29, 2012 at 2:15 pm
    Its message to the fans about how even when they felt like just giving up, we were their strength and that when they were being bashed, we were their shield to protect them. Also to show how much they love us. They want us to know that we are very important to them and that also all the memories they had with us were great.

    I find this song so sweet. I really love it. When when i heard it, i started to cry. (i can understand korean) so it was very touching.
  • U
    UnregisteredJul 27, 2012 at 5:26 pm
    A message to fans that's all i can say :) it is a beautiful song and has a lot of meaning to it.
  • U
    UnregisteredJul 21, 2012 at 1:09 am
    I really like this song ! It makes me cry ! I felt like they were singing it for me , because this song can be related to anyone we love ! It's really romantic & it suits onew's voice very well , i like his voice very much in this song ! Tnk u for this beautiful song ! Shinee saranghe !!!
  • U
    UnregisteredJul 2, 2012 at 11:55 pm
    It amessage to an important person and there showing there graditude to that person or those people. It telling you about how you helped them and they want to show what it meant to them
  • U
    UnregisteredJul 2, 2012 at 11:51 pm
    Its a beutiful song about a girl who had always been there for him and wanted to be there for here now

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