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Seether – Remedy lyrics

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  • h
    I love seether! And the way they get their point across is very smart! It makes you think, and that's what they want. And, after listening to it for the millionth time, I think this song is about fighting his drug addiction and wanting to go back so bad. It really sounds - to me - like its mostly what withdrawal feels like but as a song. It was probably mellower than actual withdrawal, though.
    And if you watch the video, his eyes are bloodshot, he looks very. Not him, the kids wandering around the amusement park are overreacting (even though that stuff is pretty strange). It just seems to me like they wanted you to think it was just another great song, but subliminally realize they were high.
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  • s
    I'm pretty sure this song was wrote about drug addiction, more specifically, the lead singer's drug addiction. The main lyrics, "Frail, the skin is dry and pale, the pain will never fail, and so it goes back to the remedy", he's talking about withdrawl and how you brake into it by going back to 'the remedy', the drug, which really isn't.
    Then the lyrics "Clip the wings that get you high, just leave them where they lie, and tell yourself 'You'll be the death of me.'" are saying to quit taking the drug, since they get you high and will eventually kill you. That part, though, I was thinking how the 'wings' bring you up into the air, or 'high', but the higher you go, the thinner the air gets. So keep using those 'high wings' and you'll die from lack of oxygen, so you clip them.
    But that's just the weirdo in me talking. Xd.
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