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Scarub – Wishful Thinking lyrics

It's wishful thinking

It's always wishful thinking, uh huh

It's wishful thinking

It's always wishful thinking, and uh


I used to know this girl as fly as Saturdays

And every time she smiled my way like honey to me

I would hold my heart as well as my hopes back

For fear of how she would have reacted

If I was to express how I was attracted

To her spectacular bosoms and vacular(?) amenities

And every time I would see her ever-so-beautiful figure walking the earth

It would just confuse me

Making me woozy

But I kept my mouth shut

I figured putting myself in such a position of vulnerability

Would just give her the power to either lose me or abuse me

So in the dark I stood

Skylarking I would ponder on what if

But the what-ifs would have been solved

If I wasn't so chicken-shit to get involved

In these matters of the heart

But that's all in the past and

She's gone leaving me gasping while asking

I wonder if I'll ever have another chance

Wonder if I'll have another dance

A change in my circumstance

To romance from wishful thinking

It was a day like this when we met in 1993

She came up to me whispering something like sunshine

While I was in line

At the festival which couldn't compare

To the festivities of her beauty

I moved our conversation from

Name into hobby

Hobby into visions

Visions to envisioning the two of us meeting up again

If she would just pick the time and place

The way our eyes embraced

Sublime troubles bits and based in an ideal song

I looked into her face and saw my future was less than perfect placement

Our worries were kept in the basement

Either that or the attic

There would be no static

In our living room

My mind mapped out the blueprints

Consuming each other's thoughts in the dining room

Romance would be placed in the bedroom

Illuminated with joy and perfume

Tribulations would be hung in the kid's room

Furnished with laughter after our lives were situated

And financially elevated

Our house would be decorated in colours and feelings I've only seen in


But was never able to describe

I felt all of this

But didn't know how to subscribe

To her interests

You know how first impressions are

Catalogues that come with no index, appendix, or bibliographies

Just a table of contents for us to guess at

Choose a chapter and hopefully it works for you

We agreed that our time shared was pleasurable

And that we should rendez-vous

I attached the idea of exchanging numbers

So again I could see her

She smiled, sunbeam so warm

I was blinded by her glare

Meanwhile mesmerized by the magnificent mana she seemed to bear

Then said she would be back at the festival tomorrow

And to meet right here

(Like, right here in this particular spot?)


Now I had expected a no-show

Kept on checking the time on my wrist-match

Then felt a elbow nudge me from the back

When I turned around and she was top-notch

Smelling like butterscoth

When trying to speak

I was too shocked

All blocked up in my voice-box

I just stood there and smiled

She took my hand, manoeuvred me through the crowd

I hung on like a child

That's a security blanket for dear life

We rounded the bin where

She took me into her booth

She was a vendor, visual artist, a poet

Who loved to work with the youth

Said what attracted her to me was my aura

Seemed to bear truthfulness

In a world full of filthiness

And hearts swallowed up into emptiness

Not in the exact words but I said the same

We sat there all day in the shade talking

Boredom never came

I told her about my music

I said I wanted to use it to touch

Use it to travel around the world sharing my views on such and such

And finally to clutch a point in time where I could say that I was happy

Own a business, have a wife and some children to call me pappy

Nodding her head she smirked and said she knew our ideas would work and


Not in the exact words but I said the same

Evening quickly arrived and I had to go

It was the last day of the festival

Smiling she said she was glad I came

A pen was pulled

I supplied the paper

Numbers were exchanged

We both stood up and showed love in the form of a hug

And went our separate ways

I remember them vividly in my memory

Those yesterdays


She held delightful conversations over the phone

With a mouthful of words that

When were said made you feel like you were

Worth something more than just flesh and bone

Taking up space and time

Our discussions raced the mind

Forever building, healing, exchanging ideas

Drilling to the core of what we were here for

How to communicate with ancestors and

Why we as people deserved more

From equal rights, revolutionary fights to spiritual insight

She even shot over to the house and gave me a cooking lesson one night

It was nothing fancy

Rice and beans seasoned with a side order of plantainels

The table was lit with candles

We sat juxtaposed and stood out the windows

To gaze at the stars

I said let's make a wish on that reddish one

She was like "Fool, that's Mars!"

Then mapped out all the celestial bodies from the little dipper up to the


And finally picked one

We closed our eyes and made a wish

But I substituted my wish for hope

And it still wasn't enough to anchor us down

You see hope holds just a little bit more weight than a wish

And my wish turned hope then swish

And my time was too short on the rebound

The clock countdown was to my disadvantage

And I'm not the type to come with full-court pressure

So my game's ?

In her eyes I was tucked away and forgotten

And all my plottin' to win this girl

Too small to be measured

And so now all I have to treasure is my wishful thinking

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