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Savlonic – Wandering Eye lyrics

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    For my younger impressionable years I was fortunately or more unfortunately married and dated through high school. He was a well liked lead guitarist Ina 70's band called Slaughter Foad. This song reminds me of him. When he was with me and this was after our daughter was born and the band joined a booking agency. We all moved to Salina Kanas for a year and another year in Manhatten Kanas. Enough of that except I didn't know anybody except the band members and families.
    He had those wandering eye everywhere we went. I was accused of imaging things, being crazy and whatnot. Anyway everything we did and everywhere we went I could see his wandering eyes. I imaged all kinds of misbehaving conduct. What else's was I to do with those feelings and stomach churning's. So they traveled all over the state and surrounding states. A pair of small shoes, prophylactic wrappers and addresses I hidden in billfold. All the times of imaging and feelings were right on. Two days before he died, we were divorced for years; he and his 15 year younger wife divided some IVP heroin, too much for his old heart of 50. Anyway he told me ever time I suspected him it was true and he told me who, where and how. However, he told me it was never about me. You know it was to me.
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    I'm wondering if this was just written for fun, but might as well take a crack at a meaning for it.
    Overall, I'd say it's talking about a girl who is habitually flighty, either in general (imaginative, detached etc) or in relationships. She has no reason for it, except the last two lines suggest that it's due to her curiosity about the 'unknown, ' I. E. Strangers.
    If they're more than friends, the meaning is evident: they're in a relationship and she pays more attention to other peoples' events (hence the window reference - I doubt her 'wandering eye' was looking into her own house; she was fascinated by what was happening in other houses but not in their relationship) than what was going on in the relationship. She appears bored with him, but her apology ("forgive my wandering eye / i cannot explain why it's right over there") suggests she's naturally this way and cannot control her imagination. His ridiculous suggestions, I. E. Waving a peach around to distract her wandering eye, could signify hysteria and/or desperate attempts to regain her interest in him. "unblinking stare" in the last line suggests that, even by the end of his attempts, she still shows constant interest in other events.
    If she isn't dating the guy, then they're good friends but he obviously has feelings for her - visiting the city could be a date that he arranged, to try and become closer to her - due to her 'wandering eye, ' she doesn't notice this. He becomes distressed because she doesn't appear to have an interest in him, eventually resorting to desperate and bizarre means to interest her.
    I highly doubt this song has much real meaning; many already have their suspicions that savlonic is weebl to begin with. The above seems the most reasonable conclusion, and since his animation style has 'matured, ' maybe he's trying to create music with genuine meanings.
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