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Rich Hil – Wouldn't Let You Go lyrics

Bank robber beats
Act 3
And I'm on
And I'm on
And I'm on
Bank robbers exclusive
Verse 1:
You won't she'd a tear when I leave you
I try to tell those people that I need you
Right in front of they face; they don't see you
And every time she cut her wrists, It'll bleed through
Momma I'm on my downfall
So they wouldn't give a fuck if I'm around yall
Slow hit of that heroin round ball
And if they got them dirty needles then I'm out yall
Re-up you need a re-up
If I'm back on that syrup, then I'm out of luck
And if them bad bitches hair smells; don't give a fuck
But we'll be okay
Never see me in a motherfuckin limo, No way
Ugh What them hoes say
Baby what them hoes say
You the illest Ricky I'll do anything to let you feel our tities Ricky
And I'm like okay
You know that I wouldn't let you go
You know that I wouldn't let you go
You know that I wouldn't let you go
You know that I wouldn't let you go
You know that I wouldn't let you go
Give me that shit and I be leaning
Give me that shit and I be leaning;
But I'm on probation;
When I'm back light it up without hesitation
Verse 2:
So I'm the sickest from the cut berg
Give a fuck about the bitches if I love her
She can shoot in her arm I wouldn't judge her
And if she likes to get nice before I fuck her
They used to play me back in high school; fuck her
But hold on, ain't nothing wrong
I'm just chillin, sippin, something all black on
I'm just tryna to make a life to fall back on
All you listen to is dumb ass rap songs
But hang on, I'm a fan Momma
Listen to the songs, got a plan Momma
Imma be the greatest on this fucking land Momma
And I run ct god-damn Momma!
Slickville, where the skys always grey
High-school kids pop pills everyday
And I used to get an oz everyday
And she used to sniff coke every fuckin day
But that don't even matter anyway

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