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Rich Hil – Hippy Flow lyrics

Inhale poison, heart so frozen
Consider me an Omen, Enter when you open the doors
And I'm stranger than the doors
All these lil girls runnin round like whores
Damn, my head is spinnin like a ceiling fan
I'm just tryna figure out who I really am
Now I could be me,
Or I could be you
Most of these fools don't know why they suppose to do
Hey, steady smokin haze
Lick vanilla Dutch and I take it to my face
Lost in a maze, I ain't ever fazed
Forgot about the days where I use to be afraid.
On the weed, on the acid
First I met a bad bitch, then I met an actress
And they was thinkin they could never have Rich
Now I'm singing like you never heard Rich
Blunt burnin perfect
Some for sure shit
This ain't a limo this is dark on sum hearse shit
And I don't touch music, I usually hurt it
I like to beat it up abuse it
Use it,
Heart is real cold like I never met Cupid
If they don't kno then they must be real stupid
Slow bus
And I'ma inhale,
Just as soon as the fuse lit
Addiction, puts right at ease
Tell um take it easy
Tell her heaven needs me
If they don't, I'll be there when they need me
Smokin reefer, and I don't need her
I need either, and it's running thru my veins
If I didn't kno then I didn't kno my name
Tryna stay sane but I'm going insane
And they don't play these, Mind Games
I guess I'm different, bit it don't mean nothing
And they gone talk about it, soon as they seen somethin
Not me, singin how it is, Singin how I live
See how I live

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