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Rewind – Wake Up lyrics

A young kid can't achieve his dreams
Life is a nightmare
A young kid can't achieve his dreams
Life is a nightmare

Cream fuck yolo, cash ruling everything around me
And I can't stop til Benji's cousins find me
Franklin had me hypnotized with that, mint vivid, picture
Had to sanitize my dirty eyes b4 they lynched ya
Rewind, 14, how stupid was I?
Don't know why
I accepted, to later be neglecting
Home boy asked, are you in it to make money fast
Lied to me, said it was clean
Shouldve lean back before my old man caught a heart attack
It was too late, I was already in the scheme
Stay scheming
Now you see why niggas tryna get at me
Slip up once and you'll be lucky to be alive
This world is a dirty ocean and from mars I took a dive
Don't be surprised to see that I survived
But Next time, your brain will splatter where you lye

A young kid can't achieve his dreams
Life is a nightmare
I need to wake up
A young kid can't achieve his dreams
Life is a nightmare

[Verse 2:]
I'm the man of the house now, I aint talking bout that bow down
But mama's face never has a frown now
And if she do then I get my clown on
Make fun of niggas but inside I get my howl on
This aint been the same since papa dukes dipped
And every happy family I see makes me flip
I need to sit, relax, calm my sack
And not take the life style that I have for granted
Being a role model to my liddle brother, aint easy tho
Forgive me when I get buck for no reason yo
Kiko tho, don't change dawgs
Growing up, take it slow stop rushing to get old


[Verse 3:]
Almost 3years in this music shit, got me feeling rest-less
Came a long way but I feel we stopped progressing
Summer 09, was wild, doing shows at the festivals
Now I barely hit the studio
My team making moves, caught up with their own life
Sire with his girl, isick providing for his world
Achieved so many things in the time that I've known
Wondering if everything, that I've been doing's wrong
They say this every summer but this gon be the hot one
And like Miami, heat will be the only outcome


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