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Rewind – Fire lyrics

Uh I'm hot bitch I'm on fire
Uh I'm hot bitch I'm on fire
Uh I'm hot bitch I'm on fire
Bitch I'm on bitch I'm on bitch I'm on fire

Don't take shit to the heart unless your hearts a toilet
Yea this beat is hot but the chief came out to boil it
New crack, new stove, cake up in the oven
Call these girls cops man they all about that cuffing
911 we got an emergency
Lyrics burning all these niggas murdering that's 3rd degrees
Spitting that fire, bag of jalapinos
Haters stay on my shit just like a mosquito
Got to step your weight up
Here's a Nutrament
Game laying on my chest bench pressing it
A hundred fifty pounds yes I get around
These haters talking funny guess they seen the dental clown
They sending shots, calling fouls got 'em on the fucking ground
There goes a technical, electrical, I'll let you know
They call me Re, because I got a special flow
Never been a bench warmer, start it up, rep my town
Passing on that puff-puff pass
Short on time cutting class
Greasy fingers you can't grab
Stay behind your an ass
Break you up like a cast
You aint shit you fucking trash
Lol now you laugh
If you Bandicoot then I'm Crash


[Verse 2:]
Got the queens didn't fold 'em aint a bad deal
Opposite of Mcdonalds got a mad meal
Money gave a cold, achoo That's a mill out my nose
Hard to fit in my shoes
Tell me what about those slip in bro,
Everyone can squeeze their toe
Like a bagel, I need to roll
Like a booger, I gotta blow
Yea nigga you gotta know, I'm in control no batteries don't battle me
That's a fanasty
Like you with a girl or surviving in Rewind's World
Sometimes I rather die
Life's a long problem never gon find my pie
Two faces on that green, Benji's bi
Fucking the money keep coming and multiply multiply
Never deny, you got the 6, I got the 9
Lay back let me shoot in side, do or die
If looks kill then I'm suicide

[Hook:] 4x

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