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Rewind – Pandora's Box lyrics

Neighbors heard the noises, me I heard the voices
He was all up in ha, pockets full of trojan
Probably a gold digga, threw his shovel down in ha
Didn't stop mining til he struck gold
20 minutes ago there wasn't red on the floor
Knock knock, who's there, murder atchur door
Murder who? Murder me? Murder me and you
Everyone told you to watch it guess you threw your clock it
Suppose to look both ways before crossing the street
This guy was the avenue you closed your eyes indeed
Let him in your home what the fuck were you thinking
A tie and suit doesn't mean a man's the truth
No one heard me cry
Who committed the crime, who dare touch what's mine
Hear my fears inside
Who broke in and wiped the innocence off her eyes
[Verse 2:]
Your body was the truth and this man had you lying
Tears down your lips had your pussy crying
Peak a boo this ghost had you peaking
The gallon of terror now began leaking
It was leaking to my crib yea I had to dip
Running up the stairs making sure that I don't trip
Throwing myself at the door that shit don't wanna open
Climbed the fire escape, shattered glasses windows broken
No one heard me cry
Who committed the crime, who dare touch what's mine
Hear my fears inside
Who broke in and wiped the innocence off her eyes
[Verse 3:]
Lost in your home where do I begin
Reckless everywhere trail of blood had no end
Blood on the sofa, where we had our first kiss
Blood in the kitchen, where I cooked ha favorite dish
Found you in that bedroom, theirs a Niqqah dead too
His heart was in his culo, yea he was dead ass
I look at you and cry all you hadda do was listen
Half hour earlier you still couldve been living
The times we had those dates were bad
Baby your so beautiful
Always in charge, your battery was durable
I touch you one last time as I say good bye
(Why? Why? Why why! I fucking loved you)
I look at where I stand, blood on my pants
Cuts and bruises, gun in my hand
I look in the mirror, reflection of the killa
I guess I'm goinga hell bitch I'll see you later!
No one heard me cry
I committed the crime, no one touch what's mine
Hear my fears inside
You were only innocent in my eyes

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