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Rail Yard Ghosts – Fuck You Ohio lyrics

Gotta make an impression
Just one lasting imprint,
Like a breath on the sand dunes
Blowing me 'cross the plains.

And all I'd really like to do
Is stand up and scream,
Punch the holes in the plaster,
Chip walls of this country.
To fade(?) it to dust,
Into particles of nothing.

What do you have to show me
Besides a badge from your party?
You voted for war.
Either way its a fallacy.
Either way its still tragedy.

And everyone is safe
Behind iron clad lungs,
And if you don't love then you wont feel too much.
Drink down the potions that numb you up (numb you up).
You don't know your neighbors,
But if you did--
Then what?(then what?)

What do you get
When no one gives a shit?
We all keep drinking.
They all keep driving
If you're hopeless
Maybe not yet
Maybe not yet

What a waste is money
And what a waste is time?
What a waste is life?
What a waste is everything (everything)
Without love? (without love?)

So I hope you quit smoking,
Hope you stop buying gas.
That goes for me, too.
I guess I don't have it figured out just yet (just yet).

What the hell is a border?
What the hell is a cop?!
Who the fuck is the president?!
Well I haven't met him yet!
Who the hell are you?!
And who the hell am I?!
Why the hell am I in jail?!
Oh, and fuck you ohio
And all your 49 friends
'cause I met all of them
And it ain't nothin new.
Skycrapers, cement....
Industrial who?
Imperial when?
But the grass is still green
And the skies are still blue.
The basic goodness is the undying truth.

Me and you
Me and you
Me and you

What I can say
Is: "I know we must go on.
We wake up in the morning
Raise [?] the Earth in our arms. "

And we make it
And we make it
And we make it

A fierce fierce love
A fierce fierce love
A fierce fierce love
A fierce fierce love

What a waste is money
And what a waste is time?
What a waste is life?
What a waste is everything, everything
Without love?

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