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Radiohead – 4 Minute Warning lyrics

This is just a nightmare
Soon I'm gonna wake up
Someones gonna bring me round

Running from the bombers
Hiding in the forest
Running through the fields

Laying flat on the ground
Just like everybody
Stepping over heads
Running from the underground

And this is your warning
4 minute warning

I don't wanna hear it
I don't wanna know
I just wanna run and hide
This is just a nightmare
But soon I'm gonna wake up
Someone's gonna bring me round

This is a warning
4 minute warning

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  • u
    It's about the fact that your brain suffocates in 4 minutes after being deprived of oxygen after your heart stops and you become unconscious. It's theorized that people's brains release emergency chemicals, resulting in things like "seeing your life flash before your eyes". The song is about someone dying in war, then laying unconscious, trying to convince themselves that they're not really dead. But they're not--it's just a warning, that in 4 minutes their brain tissue will die and they will be gone.
    Yorke said the album, in rainbows, was about dying, transcience, the soul, and realizing that you could have a heart attack and be gone at any moment.
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  • m
    Mario Alfredo Contreras
    The four-minute warning was a public alert system conceived by the British Government during the Cold War and operated between 1953 and 1992. The name derived from the approximate length of time from the point at which a Soviet nuclear missile attack against the United Kingdom could be confirmed and the impact of those missiles on their targets. The population was to be notified by means of air raid sirens, television and radio, and urged to seek cover immediately. In practice, the warning would have been more likely three minutes or less.
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  • u
    If you want a hidden meaning it would certainly the progression of famine war crime and us not doing dirt about it. Referencing to doomsday which in my oppinion is being brought closer everyday by our so called leaders and defenders of democrazy. Funny thing though running and hiding from what you see in the video seems abolutely futile and if you did survive a nuclear blast what would be left?
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  • u
    It's an apocalyptic metaphor for having to face reality. Just as those unlikely to survive a holocaust during the cold war could look forward to 4 minutes warning, with no realistic chance of avoiding the consequences; so anybody who has been living in denial of the consequences of their actions be it alcoholism, drug addiction, moral indiscretion, crime, or whatever, will become crushingly aware of their reality realising the pain that is to come and have no real time to prepare.
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  • u
    This song is about a nightmare that thom yorke is going to wake up from soon, because someone is going to bring him a round. He's running from bombers, hiding in the forest and running through the fields, then laying flat on the ground, just like everybody. He steps over some heads, then runs from the underground. Apparently, it's a warning, a four minute warning. He doesn't want to hear it, and he doesn't want to know, he just wants to run and hide. He knows it's a nightmare, but he's going to wake up soon because someone is going to bring him a round. It doesn't really mean anything, it's a song, it has no meaning, much like life.
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