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Phyzical Thurapy – One Nite Stand lyrics

(Intro - Phyzical)
Yeah... We 'bout to hit the club tonight... It's Phyzical Thurapy baby... So you know when we in the club... Shit gon' be poppin'... Let's get it... Come on...
Let's roll out! (Let's roll out)!

"All ladies get in free before midnight,
Yo hold up dude I can't let you in,
Aight, what's your name?
Sorry you ain't on the list,
Hey you two back there, come on thru"

Throw yo' hands up in the club...
Welcome to da party called a one nite stand,
A one nite stand...

(Verse 1 - Phyzical)
Now you know how it is when I roll to the club,
Girls go crazy when I step to the front,
Ladies please!... Let me breathe!
I know you wanna please me but "damn, be easy!"
I know you got a man but you really want me,
Cause when you makin' love... You wishin' it was me!
I ain't gonna tell if you wanna get slammed,
All I'm really lookin' for is a "one night stand" (stand),
Ssshhh... Ain't nobody gonna see,
The way we have s** in my Jacuzzi,
The way we get it on in my suv,
The way I get you hooked like mtv,
Damn (Damn)... I be at the bar,
Watchin' you shake it like an all-star,
Shake that ass... I love it when you grind,
"Yo DJ... Spin my track one time!"
Like Boom! Boom! Here's the keys to my room,
I'mma get naked, why don't you too?
Said you got a man at home in the sack,
But you lookin' at me like I'm Johnny Depp,
Like damn baby... What's the deal?
It's only one night... Let's play the field,
So grab your shit and let's get it on,
Cause when the sun comes up girl... I'll be gone!

Throw yo' hands up in the club...
Welcome to da party called a one nite stand,
A one nite stand...

(Verse 2 - Thurapy)
Well I start in the Chi and I do it Midway then I fly out wit' it,
Hit up New York where I hide out wit' it,
Down to O-town where I lounge out wit' it,
Up to Detroit where I rock out wit' it,
So girl I been lookin' at'chu all night,
Pimp to a gentleman in just one night,
The things a man will do to hit it,
When he's only known you for 20 minutes,
I wanna take you home fo' real,
But only make this a one time deal,
Tell me are you down fo' dat,
You could be Rachel Dawes I'll be da bat,
Video tape or dvd, which shit would you rather see leak,
Me spankin' you spankin' you, Girl I'm thankin' you thankin' you,
For bein' born in da time I live,
Spendin' my guap on the bar like I did,
A one nite stand thanks to Hennessy,
Turned into a lifetime memory!

Throw yo' hands up in the club...
Welcome to da party called a one nite stand,
A one nite stand...

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