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Phyzical Thurapy – Badd lyrics

(Intro - Thurapy)
Yeeeah! We bout to set this thang off right here man, to another level (Rough!), Now I wanna see all my badd girls, Where you at? Let's go! 4-3-2-1

(Verse 1 - Thurapy)
Now get it on da flo' mama drop that thang,
Lets get this party insane,
Cos Thurapy is here...
To Rock Rock To this!...
(To Rock Rock To this!) (To Rock Rock To this!)
I met her on a friday night,
And she looked sweeter than red wine,
We started to talk then danced all night,
To da sounds of Ginuwine,
She took that booty to da ground,
She from the South, I'm from Chi Town,
We lock lips so I paid for her gas,
She didn't finish school but she still got class,
(Heeeey!) That's my chick and no she ain't a hoe,
She just knows how to dance (Uh Huh!),
Betta' than yo' girl (Oh!)

(Chorus - Thurapy) (2x)
Shawty know I'm badd (Rough!),
Shawty know I'm badd,
Boy you know I'm badd,
Boy you know I'm, Boy you know I'm...

(Verse 2 - Phyzical)
Let's Go...
God damn... Swimmin' in all of these women,
Call me Master P cause I got No Limit,
Cause Phyzical is here...
To Rap Rap To this!...
(To Rap Rap To this!) (To Rap Rap To this!)
So shake ya money maker baby let me see behind,
Let me see ya take ya pants off cause you fine...
(Fine... Fine) stuck in a bind,
All I really wanna do is have a good time,
Six pack, kick back, while we lay by the sea,
Yah last boyfriend couldn't do it like me, (Haha)...
Get like you? Naw... Get like me!
All these mu'fuckas know I rep 'pt'...
I got a bad ass chick, knows how to get rough,
So I had to get the whips out and the handcuffs,
I'm from the Midwest, Chi-Town stand up!
And I run more game than Brian Westbrook,
(Arf... Arf) Damn! You know I come hard!
Break walls like the Incredible Hulk,
Girl you know I'm badd!
And you know I kick some ass!
Like Bonnie and Clyde we could ride together,
Romeo and Juliet we could die together,
Cause when I arrive... I...
I bring the fire... Like this!

(Chorus - Thurapy) (2x)
Shawty know I'm badd (Rough!),
Shawty know I'm badd,
Boy you know I'm badd,
Boy you know I'm, Boy you know I'm...

(Verse 3 - Thurapy)
Now me 'n you togetha... We are a hit,
Were sumthin like dat Bonnie & Clyde shit,
I'm a badd boy but'chu already know,
But'chu just as badd as hell fo' sho',
I can't keep my hands off you like a steering wheel,
Shawty yo' body kill,
And if you were a drug like Meth,
I'd be a drug addict in a sec!
So mic check... 1-2-1-2,
When shit get shady I'm down for you,
We'll be friends til the end like Child's Play,
Have a baby, sit back, and watch our child play,
(Heeeey!) Shawty I don't fuck around... I get down!
To da haterz all y'all can kiss my ass!
Ya either roll wit us or sit back and relax!

(Chorus - Thurapy) (2x)
Shawty know I'm badd (Rough!),
Shawty know I'm badd,
Boy you know I'm badd,
Boy you know I'm, Boy you know I'm...

(Outro - Thurapy)
Yeah! It's pt Entertainment...

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