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Pennjamin Bannekar – I'll Write lyrics

I make the song yes my mic is on check
I do it til I'm done I'm in the zone yep
My nikes are on fresh my turn is on deck
I got bars that'll have u feelin phone checked
Take a drink of the bars thirst quencher
Heard sicker? doubt it pennjamin verse iller, shout out
That's why I'm ILLwrite that's why I'm ill, right?
That's why I kill mics, niggas know my skills nice
Bitches know I'm I'll twice, that's why they let me fuck wit em when I feel like
Man I live a I'll life, of course a nigga feel strife
I got enough a balls I'm just waitin on a pitched strike...
Take it out the park like I'm hank aaron
U know I hate sharing so this is featureless
It only features me on the feature list
Now the features on forget the previous
(U should) be honored u can preview this

I'm so good
I'm so so so better than
The flow sick it aint in need of medicine
This is ILLwrite
This is ill, right?
I'm tired of all the illuminati talk
I'm lookin from them illuminati boys so they can illuminate my career
People induldge ignorance
Where the smart ppl go I only see idiots
Why it gotta be some underlying reason
If u r a success u gotta undermine Jesus
This is straight from my chest I would undeny satan
If I thought for a minute it would multiply my paper
Most deny they favor that's y they aint paid up
Instead of lookin in the mirror to see how they made up
They come wit explanations implicating satan
That's gotta be the reason these bigger figures made it
Maybe they just worked hard alter what u thinkin
Maybe they deserve they offers that they bring in
If somebody else shout illuminati
I hope u meet death power out ya body

And when it become cool to be just average
Mediocre here we go sir I don't wanna be the best
I'll get over being noticed hope u all see me less
Hope I get C's on test hope I get 3 of 5
Nope I change that statement cuz 3's just a lil high
2's more in line with what I been taught in life
U can't be serious mafucka
I can't believe I'm hearing this it make me shudder
I can't be near this kind of weak mind assumption
I reach for the summit everytime I do somethin
Ima breach from amongst u and preach to the young youth
And tell em being average will cease what they wanna do
Peace to the mean I don't wanna be the median
I'm tryna be large I don't wanna be a medium
So if u seeing Penn know I'm atypical
Cuz been average means u are typical

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