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Noble Da Genius – I Am Lost lyrics

Feat. Qualuude

Sample:(The Irrepressibles - in this shirt sample)

I am lost, in our rainbow, now our rainbow has gone
Overcast, by your shadow, as our worlds move on

Noble Da genius: Verse

Noble da genius... listen... look... I'm in the state of imbroglio
Mad CUZ you left me
What the point excepting me if you just gone reject me
I'm stuck in our past and my mind it is decadence
I'm drowning in a bottle just to hide all of the evidence
It's fucked up cuz right now I am missing your hug
My lips on your lips and how we used to make love
I never wanna spend time now I'm missing your touch
And it is true wat they say enough is enough
And when a woman's fed up no matter how you beg
It ain't nothing you could do about it no tear she'd
Cuz as a man I can admit that I am wrong (I am WRONG)
Ay why you think I'm in the studio dropping this song
You aggravated
Mad cuz I ain't make it
People make mistakes
But I guess you couldn't take it
So you made a break for it and left a nigga with NATHEN


I got one question?
WHY DA FUCK did you leave me like that
You was the first to tell me you wouldn't wanna see me like that
But it sucks we was cool now it bee like that
Ain't no such thing when you let go love it be right back
Jack... !
Now I'm asking myself how the fuck I'm gon move
You took my confidence my love and my heart too
Now I'm stuck confuse what am I supposed to do
I put my trust in you my honesty my hope in you
Took my chance's I would never go broke for you
This some bullshit I had to smoke Good for you
Inhaled your bullshit exhaled my emotions boo
This the best way that I can express'em too

Sample:(The Irrepressibles - in this shirt sample)

I am lost, in our rainbow, now our rainbow has gone
I am lost, in our rainbow, now our rainbow has gone
I am lost
I am lost
I am lost
I am lossst
I am lost

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